Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TEMAIR’S RAYNE The Queens of Mareb series book 2 by Violet Summers

Publisher: Changeling Press Date published: April 2010 ISBN: 978-1-60521-409-2 Paranormal, Action-Adventure, Ménage, BBW E-book Reviewed by Dawn Obtained by Publisher CLICK TO PURCHASE! Crown Princess of Emerta, Temair is on her way to find her consorts as she goes on the Queendom tour. With her first consort, Lord Miach of Fyre by her side, she sets off to the Rayne kingdom to find her next consort. When she meets Lord Dathan of Rayne, she is drawn to the laughing, easy-going man, who stirs her lust and makes her laugh. Polar opposite to Miach, Temair finds the one man to balance the sternness of Miach. Miach wants Dathan far away from Temair even as he is drawn to the man. Then threats against the Crown Princess are heightened and Miach, Dathan and their friends will do anything to keep her safe. Can Dathan show Miach and Temair he is strong enough to defend Temair against this growing threat? I have to admit I love this series and it just keeps getting better with the second book. Ms. Summers delves deeper into the world of Mareb and Temair’s journey to find her four consorts who have elemental magic to awaken her own. This time we find Temair finding the one man who makes her laugh, feel safe and secure though her first consort, Miach, is feeling the opposite-he wants Dathan to be as far away as possible as he fights the feelings for Dathan. TEMAIR’S RAYNE continues the story from the first book, TEMAIR’S FYRE, and we get to see more of the world of Mareb and the rebellion brewing against the Queens. Mareb is a unique world where women rule yet the men wield the magic. Peace has reigned until now. Now Temair has to deal with her search for her consorts and a rebellion that will see her dead. Can Temair’s consorts be able to keep her safe from harm while they fall in love? Temair is a woman who finds her life on a path that she never expected to take so soon. One consort was found in the Fyre Lands in Lord Miach. Now journeying to the Rayne kingdom, Temair finds a man who draws her like no other yet is the polar opposite to her first consort, Miach. Passion and danger collide when Temair is caught in an attack that has Dathan battling not just Miach for Temair’s heart but also a nameless enemy that is determined to destroy Mareb before Temair has finished her tour for her consorts. Can Dathan prove to Temair, Miach and ultimately himself that he can keep her safe while falling in love with the princess? These three characters were the perfect pairing in my mind. Miach is a strong, stern warrior and Dathan is his opposite-easy-going, loves to laugh with an effortless smile. Temair is drawn to Dathan like no other in the Rayne kingdom and though she knows he will not be the man Miach is, she needs his soothing balm of peace as danger swirls around her. Ms. Summer has created the perfect person to balance Temair and Miach. He is the one man who can make Temair laugh and Miach gnash his teeth in frustration. I loved the way Dathan would tease Miach and the response he got from him brought a smile to my face. The secondary characters kept the story flowing smoothly and had me wondering if there might be spin offs in the future for them. With the right amount of light heartedness, sexual tension and passion, this author creates a story that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat as you try to see what happens next. TEMAIR’S RAYNE continues the story of Temair’s search for her four consorts and if you haven’t picked it or the first book, Temair’s Fyre, yet, please run to grab it. If you enjoy a hot, sexy story, then grab both Temair’s Fyre and TEMAIR’S RAYNE and settle in for an afternoon of blazing passion. I am highly anticipating the next story in the world of Mareb and hope it isn’t too long of a wait. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF THIS BOOK. THIS IS AN OBJECTIVE UNBIASED REVIEW.

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