Monday, June 7, 2010

DAUGHTER OF THE SEA by Celina Summers

Mythos Series book 2
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Date published: May 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60168-290-1
Paranormal Romance with erotic elements
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

CLICK TO PURCHASE Amphitrite has enjoyed the attentions of the young gods of Mount Olympus with her sister, Thetis, until a prophecy leaves Thetis shunned by all who adored them and Amphitrite angry at the fickleness of men. When Poseidon sees Amphitrite dance at one of Zeus’s feasts, he falls instantly in love with the young nymph. One slight problem-she can’t stand him……or does she? Can Poseidon find a way to bridge the cavern between them and woo the daughter of the sea to his side or will he be destined to lose the one woman meant to be his for all time?

Ms. Summers is a talented storyteller who delivers another lovely story to fall in love with in her latest book in the Mythos Series, DAUGHTER OF THE SEA. Here we meet the sea god Nereus’s daughters, Amphitrite and Thetis in the first book, BRIDE OF DEATH, and here we find out how Amphitrite became the beloved of the King of the Oceans, Poseidon. Tight writing weaves a spell around you when you open this latest installment in the Mythos series. With some wonderful characters that seem to fly off the pages, Ms. Summers delivers a breath of fresh air into the world of Greek gods and goddesses that literally takes you away. I was engrossed in this story and couldn’t put it down. I just had to find out if Poseidon would be able to woo the one woman meant to be his or if Amphitrite would spurn him completely. Complex characters, a love that is meant to be and a heroine determined to have the one man who makes her tingle work for her heart hit all the right notes for me.

Meet Amphitrite, one of the sea god Nereus’s daughters and angry at the way her sister, Thetis is being treated by all of Mount Olympus. When Poseidon see’s her dance at Zesu’s feast, he falls for the lovely young woman even as he tries to figure out how to court the beauty who wants nothing to do with him. These two fit perfectly together. I loved how Amphitrite makes Posiden work for her love and heart. She is a strong, feisty, independent immortal and determined to live life on her terms rather than a man’s. Posiden is drawn to Amphitrite but has to figure out how to woo the angry young woman. He has never encountered a problem before with women so when she rebuffs his advances, he finds himself in a situation he has no idea how to solve. How can you woo someone who is indifferent to you? This character was a delight because one-he finds himself having to work for the woman instead of having her fall at his feet and two-Poseidon is perfect for Amphitrite in all ways. Add in some wonderful secondary characters that keep you smiling and the storyline flowing smoothly, Ms. Summers does an admirable job in creating a story that will touch your heart in many ways.

DAUGHTER OF THE SEA is a wonderful, fresh new look into the world of the Immortal Greek Gods and Goddesses. This is an author you can tell loves her mythology and creates a new spin on it in this series. If you enjoy a wonderfully told story full of hunky immortals, mischievous nymphs and a romance that is destined in the stars then grab DAUGHTER OF THE SEA and settle in for a pulse pounding ride. I just hope the author doesn’t keep us hanging for Thetis’s story as you get a hint at what it may be about in DAUGHTER OF THE SEA. Run-don’t just walk- to grab this one from the talented Celina Summers. This is definitely one I will re-read again in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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