Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Publisher: Mira Books
Date published: May 1, 2010
ISBN: 978-0778326755
Suspense, Thriller, Paranormal
Reviewed by Gina
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Obtained via: Library

Malachai Samuels and Lucian Glass are back and once again, Lucian is certain Malachai holds the key to a theft and possibly a murder.

Recovered from being shot in Vienna, Lucian returns to New York and resumes watching the reincarnationist Malachai Samuels. Certain that not only the theft and destruction of an ancient flute in Vienna, but now the murder and theft of a list from that same city can be laid at Malachai’s doorstep, Lucian finds himself revisiting his own near death experience twenty years before. Before he can begin his investigation, a series of seemingly discordant events merge into a conflagration that takes Lucian back to another lifetime. Wrongs committed long ago surface again. A woman from his past returns in a way he never imagined.

Valuable art work goes missing only to be destroyed and in some fashion returned. A one of a kind, ancient statue takes center stage in a battle of ownership. The country where it lay buried for centuries attempts to reclaim it, another believes it holds the key to his past life, yet another sees it as his ticket to finally have the American dream for himself. At the center of it Lucian goes under cover only to find his adopted persona revealing things not about Lucian’s life, but about another man in another time.

Desperate for answers to his own past life, Malachai cannot help himself and begins to shed his guise as a caring therapist. He will have the so-called Memory Tools no matter what the cost.

All come together in an explosive conclusion that none of the participants are prepared for.

THE HYPNOTIST is the third of M.J. Rose’s Reincarnationist series and by far the best yet. Until I read THE HYPNOTIST I could not imagine her outdoing the first book of the series, THE REINCARNATIONIST, but she outshines even herself. Her characters are more settled in themselves and each more determined than before to achieve their goals. Malachai’s desperation to prove reincarnation is palpable. The moment where he is asked about his own past lives is gripping and you will hold your breath awaiting his answer. Lucian struggles with his belief that this is his one and only life, even in the face of past life memories that lead him to the solutions for the crimes laid before him. At the very end there is a glimpse of how in his own search for his own answers, he is not all that different than Malachai.

Ms. Rose adds incredible depth and richness to this story by taking readers not only into the Met in New York, but behind the scenes. When the gifted restorer painstakingly brings Hypnos back to life, you can feel his attention to detail, his need for perfection. With her words she paints a vivid and encompassing tapestry that stays with you long after the last page has been read. If I have but one complaint about Ms. Rose’s books is that I need to wait for the next. Like Malachai who yearns for just one memory tool, I eagerly await the next book.

THE HYPNOTIST is one of those books you simply cannot put down, yet at the same time feel you must because when it is done, it is as if you say goodbye to a dear and treasured friend.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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