Thursday, June 17, 2010


Publisher: Smashwords
Date published: June 2010
ISBN: none given
Steampunk romance
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by Author

When Emily Fenwick visits a carnival and goes into a fortune telling tent, she never imagined that the promised tall, dark and handsome man that she should meet would be in another dimension. A former NYPD agent, Emily finds herself whisked off to 1890 and a time she’d never imagined. She defends New York from nightmares that have come alive. Together with Jack Pettigrew, her tall, dark and handsome man and the band of strange people, they try to find out what is going on and how they can get back to their own time. They have a recollection of their deaths and it seems an Egyptian obelisk may have something to do with the whole thing. So, they have to make sure that things go right in this world before they can go back…or can they go back?

It was so very nice to see a new story from Ciar Cullen and I have been waiting for this one very patiently. She has been talking about writing a steampunk story for some time. As a fan of this author, I was extra excited to get it to review. I dived in right away and read it without putting it down. I enjoyed it very much; it was a real joy to read. I loved the characters, the sexual tension bubbles until it boils over, the plot twists and turns and all this kept me glued to the pages. I loved how Ms. Cullen blends all kinds of elements into this story to make it really interesting and a great read. I know her fans will gobble this up and I hope many folks will pick it up and read it, too.

If you’d like to try this brand new genre, I would highly recommend you get this book. Just a tip, it’s cheaper at the publisher’s site.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks, my friend. I'm very grateful that you took the time to read this quirky thing!