Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BONE MAGIC by Yasmine Galenorn

An Otherworld Novel, Book 7 in Series
Publisher: Berkeley
Date published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-0425231982
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Self-purchase

The D’Artigo Sisters life has become more complex and chaotic as Shadow Wing tries to gain the rest of the spirit seals. For Camille, her life takes a turn when Smokey, her dragon husband’s past comes back to slap both of them in the face and Trillian, her dark fae alpha lover, finally comes back to her but after traveling to the Otherworld to reunite with him, she undergoes a dangerous ritual that will drastically change her life and those around her forever.

BONE MAGIC is the seventh book in a compelling series about three half fae-half human sisters, sent to Eathside to work as operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Office. Fighting against the demon generals Shadow Wing has sent out looking for the spirit seals has Camille, Delilah and Menolly fighting a war where they are the front line, for if Shadow Wing gains the rest of the spirit seals, life on earth and the Otherworld will be destroyed along with everyone they love. This is an author who knows the world she created and the people and creatures that populate it. Each book in the series is told in one sister’s point of view and it makes a wonderful journey for the reader. I do recommend you read the books in order as each book moves the story line along and if you start in the middle, you might get a bit confused. Ms. Galenorn is a talented author, one who I adore reading and will pick anything up that she writes. She is that good in my eyes. Her books are very character driven and the characters themselves are well rounded and very multi-dimensional. They feel very real and I enjoy each of their books as each goes to meet their destiny though not in the way they thought they would. Each story delivers one action packed, wild ride for the reader so I suggest you hang on tight-the ride is about to get bumpy.

Camille finds herself weary of fighting Shadow Wing but knowing if she gives up the fight, all she loves is doomed. When Smokey, her dragon husband’s past comes back and hits both of them in the face, can she find a way to keep the man/dragon she loves with her for if he leaves and breaks the soul bond she has with him, she doesn’t think she will survive. Secrets, lies and allies turned enemies all make up this next installment of the Otherworld series and for Camille, it is about to get dangerous. I love all the D’Artigo sisters but Camille is one of my favorites, especially with her husbands, Mario, an eathside fox demon and Smokey, her Dragon lord husband and her alpha lover, Trillian. This is a character who oozes sex appeal on all levels and isn’t afraid to show it either. The characters all grow with each book and frankly, that is this author’s strength to me. With each book in the series, the characters continue to evolve and grow and frankly, that is the one thing I adore about this series. With the right amount of magic, sex, action and adventure, Ms. Galenorn delivers a story that had me laughing, crying and sighing within a space of a few minutes.

BONE MAGIC is a story that will leave you sighing for more once the story is done. Ms. Galenorn is one author you can count on to deliver a story that will steal your heart and capture your imagination. Each time I pick up a book by this author, I am blown away by the sheer magic within its pages and I find myself running to the internet looking to see when the next one will be out. I just hope she doesn’t end the series anytime soon since this is one series that has endless possibilities. If you enjoy an action packed story line with intriguing characters then I highly recommend the Otherworld series (WITCHLING, CHANGELING, DARKLING, NIGHT HUNTRESS, DEMON MISTRESS, DRAGON WYTCH). You won’t go wrong with this author’s books and her highly addictive stories.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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