Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Date Published: July 2010
ISBN: none given
Short fantasy
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Lytha is the youngest daughter of a tavern owner. Her older sisters help in the tavern, not only serving drinks and food, but also serving the men with their bodies. Their father believes that all women were born to be whores. She also has brothers who do various jobs in the tavern. One night there is a wild storm outside and the tavern soon fills with men seeking shelter from the storm. Then the door opens and a figure, clothed in black enters. The tavern patrons recognize the man as demonspawn, from across the sea. Lytha is sent to serve him and although she is terrified, she serves him.

Zhehrihn is in the tavern on a mission. He can read minds and feels there is something special about Lytha. After he completes his mission, he offers Lytha a chance to get away from the Tavern. But, as his doxy or as his ward?

This is a story that will capture you from the first sentence and hold you until the last. G J Woodrum knows how to put a short story together that captures your full attention. Her characters come alive, the setting is realistic and the plot is tightly written. Add to that, some twists that may surprise you, this short story is one that you don’t want to end. In fact, I could see an epic fantasy around this premise and I would love to see something of this sort from the pen of this very talented author.

After reading this short, you must go back to Shadowfire Press and pick up her backlist. You won’t be disappointed. Someone should really lock up this author in a well lighted room, give her a computer, plenty of her comfort food and favorite beverage and tell her not to come out until she has finished an epic. I have faith in her.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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