Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MY HEART IS WITHIN YOU by Marguerite Labbe

Triquetra Trilogy 1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: June 2009
ISBN: 978-1935192701 (Paperback)
Paranormal/Vampire M/M, Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Kristair is an ancient vampire who needs to find a human vessel to survive. Tormented by voices and a syndicate of vampires determined to take the ancient knowledge he has for themselves, Kristair tries to stave off the madness by finding a human vessel and in that he succeeds in Jacob Corvin, a strong, young football player who stirs more than lust in Kristair. Jacob is a normal college student, trying to rise above his humble beginnings and make something of himself. Drawn to the mysterious man stalking him, he finds out there is much more to the night than shadows even as he fears the changes that are happening to him.

MY HEART IS WITHIN YOU is a dark story full of loss, desires and love. Ms. Labbe delivers a story that will alternately have you sighing with pleasure then scared witless. This is an author who knows how to keep her readers on tenterhooks as they flip the pages trying to see what would happen next for Kristair and Jacob. I loved the way this author drew you in and then proceeded to drag you on the whirl wind as Jacob and Kristair try to find a way to stop the madness that plagues Kristair and to enjoy the love that blossoms between them. Multi-dimensional characters, twists that even I didn’t see coming and some scorching hot sex scenes that enhanced the story will keep the reader glued to till the very end.

Meet Jacob Corvin, normal college student, playing football and dreaming of making something of himself until one night, he finds himself drawn to a mysterious man-one that he knows has been watching him forever it seems. Strong, rugged and totally out of his depth as he falls for Kristair and finds out that vampires do exist. Kristair is a really old vampire, one of the last ancients that walk the earth. When he finds himself hearing voices and his descent into supposed madness begins, he struggles to find a vessel, a human that will hold his heart and soul. Drawn to Jacob, Kristair never expects to bond so deeply with the young man nor fall in love either. Both of the main characters are perfect for one another. Kristair is old fashioned, strong yet also vulnerable as well. Jacob is brash, determined and at times, a bit impulsive. These two connect on a level that brought tears to my eyes and had me rooting for them to live happily ever after. Some wonderful secondary characters kept the story flowing smoothly and had me wondering what their stories would be like.

MY HEART IS WITHIN YOU is a fast moving story that will leave you breathless and longing for more. I ran to grab the next two in the trilogy to see what would happen next for Kristair and Jacob as the unexpected ending left me speechless. If you enjoy a darker vampire story with a gothic feel, then grab MY HEART IS WITHIN YOU and settle in for hours of pure entertainment.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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