Friday, August 27, 2010


Book 3 in Mythos Series
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Date published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60168-299-4
Paranormal Romance/Mythology
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Immortal Goddess, Thetis has dealt with being shunned by the gods in Olympus due to a prophecy about her son. Dejected and hurt, she wanders the mountains in Greece, seeking solitude amid her anger at being outcast. Peleus is a Greek hero and after being stranded on the mountain by the King of Iolcos, he finds himself rescued by Thetis. Falling in love never felt so right but their future is uncertain as Thetis shies away from him as her fears take over. Can Peleus overcome Thetis’s fears even as the gods find a way to separate them?

BELOVED OF A MORTAL is a wonderful, well told story that will sweep you off your feet. Ms. Summers delves into Thetis’s story and I fell in love with it. Ms. Summers delivers a soul stirring story that will leave you breathless and frankly, hankering for more in the end. With a few plot twists I didn’t see coming, Ms. Summers completely captivates her readers till the very end. This is an author who knows her mythology and definitely delivers her own spin on the classic tales.

Meet Thetis, an immortal goddess many male gods avoid at all cost. Due to a prophecy that says her son will be more than his father, she lives as an outcast, forever roaming the mountains by her secret grotto in Greece. Rescuing Peleus was unexpected but a mortal she finds truly enjoyable. Soon falling in love, Thetis finds she has to face her fears in order to have the love she longs for. These two are absolutely perfect for each other. Peleus is strong, wise and determined to convince Thetis of his love while Thetis is scared to trust that he will stick around after she tells him of the prophecy. For what man would want to know his son will be better than him? Certainly not the ones Thetis knows, mortal or immortals. I loved how patient Peleus was with her even as she tries to push him away. Wonderful secondary characters keep the story flowing and the smile on my face.

BELOVED OF A MORTAL is a true gem of a story and one that I plan to read again in the future. I love stories that center on Gods/goddesses and Ms. Summers delivers her own version to some beloved classic stories. I am eager to see who is next in Eros’s radar. Will it be Paris, Hercules or another immortal/demi-god/mortal? I can’t wait to see and hope you can check it out as well. Run-don’t walk-to grab this latest tale from a talented storyteller. It is one that will surely rival even the masters who wrote the classics themselves.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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