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OVER THE MOON by Marie Harte, Aurora Rose, Jude Mason, Jenna Barnes, Victoria Blisse, Jambrea Jo Jones and Sascha Illyvich

Publisher: Total E-bound Publishing
Date published: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-907280-46-7 (electronic)
978-1-907280-79-5 (Print)
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Six stories centered on wolf shifters and werewolves and it will leave you eager for more. Are you ready to sample OVER THE MOON?

First up, Enemy Red (Marie Harte): This is the kick off to the Mark of Lycos series and it introduces Fenris, a rare golden wolf, who was living with his uncle’s Silver Clan until he finds out he has to wed. Running off, he finds himself caught by a sexy female wolf and an alpha to boot. One slight problem- she wants the Silver Clan to die, one wolf at a time.

I absolutely loved this story. It was a hot, wicked ride that left me eager to jump the significant other or jump in a cold shower. The characters were detailed and felt like they could step off the pages into your home. Ms. Harte delivers a great introduction into a series that I am adding to my reading list.

Next up was, Trapped (Jude Mason & Jenna Barnes): Sienna and Garth are crazy in love and werewolves. When during a run, Sienna is captured by poachers, Garth will do anything he can to get her free and stop them from harming any other were. Will the poachers take the bait or will Sienna be trapped forever?

This was an interesting story to read. The story flowed smoothly; characters came to life wonderfully and engaged the reader impeccably. The one thing I found a little lacking was that I would have loved to read more about their life as werewolves if the story were a bit longer.

Next was Stripped Bare (Aurora Rose): Josie Hawkings is on a mission to get the scoop of the century as she lays in wait for the Festival of the Night Lord to commence. Looking around, she stumbles across the Night Lord himself and is whisked away for a night of sex. Lucian, Lord of Istanis, won’t let any woman capture his heart until he spies Josie and finds himself drawn to the innocent beauty. Secrets are hidden from each other as Lucian and Josie fall in love but can both find the strength to reveal them in the end?

Oh man, I think this was one of the best stories in the bunch. I loved how this author captured my interest from the beginning with her twist on werewolves/wolf shifters and it had me eager to read more. With each page, I was drawn more and more into this author’s web and I couldn’t get enough. I would love to read more about the Lord of Ishtanis and the people there. It sounds like a fascinating place. I hope the author comes back to this wonderful world again in the future.

Moonshy (Victoria Blisse): A male werewolf who hates what he has become, a female werewolf who thrives on the kill and a human woman who will step between them. Can Lowell save Jenny from Desdemona before it’s too late?

This was a strong story that I could really get into. Characters that intrigued me, romance that started off as a friendship but turned to love and secrets that could shatter a relationship or make it stronger are all within the pages of Moonshy and it will have you rooting for Lowell and Jenny to finally be together.

In Dreams (Jambrea Jo Jones): This is a debut of the Seeds of Dawn series. Anabella “Bella” has powers that have caused her to shun society and making her life far from normal. She finds her life is changed forever when David Sanders walks into her life and she is shocked to see it is her mysterious dream man. Danger is stalking Bella and David and forces are loose that will have them both either accepting the changes that are forced upon them or leaving them vulnerable to the evil stalking them?

I liked this story a lot. It had mystery, adventure, romance and more all wrapped up with a bow. As this author sets up the series, she delivers a wild, erotic story that will leave you clamoring for more. I really enjoyed the dynamics between David and Bella a lot. There was just one tiny problem I had with Bella-she gave in too easily and I would have loved to see her go toe to toe with David more but overall it worked nicely in this anthology. The ending had a hint of upcoming stories and I am eager to see what those may be about.

Finally, Bound To Her (Sascha Illyvich): Luka has united the packs in Northern California. When an elder, Lojon, tells him in order to continue to be alpha of the wolves under him, he needs a mate. Michele hates being a lupine and when she meets Luka, she finds herself intrigued by him even as she tries to stay her course against the wolves. Can these two find a way to bridge their differences and find a passion that will turn into love before it is too late?

The final story was intriguing. What I liked about it was how the characters interacted nicely with everyone else. There were moments of D/s but it was light and the story flowed smoothly. Luka was sexy, dominant and determined to keep his place as Alpha after all his hard work came to fruition. Meeting Michele has him intrigued and though she seemed a bit too bitter at times, Luka seemed to be able to bring out the desire that hummed between them. What didn’t I like was how in one moment Michele would complain and whine she hated wolves and the next drop her clothes and moan over Luka. Granted this was a short story per say, I would enjoyed seeing this as a longer story that gave the backgrounds of Luka and Michele in greater detail. Overall, it was a satisfying story to read.

OVER THE MOON was a good anthology if you are really into werewolves and wolf shifters. Each story delivered something for everyone and the sex was very hot. If you enjoy wolf shifters and werewolves then this anthology is for you. I look forward to checking out these authors other works and seeing what piques my interest next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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