Monday, September 13, 2010

THE WET NURSE’S TALE by Erica Eisdorfer

Publisher: Penguin
Date published: August 2010
ISBN: 9780425234471
Reviewed by Susan
Obtained by Publisher

Susan Rose learned from a young age that being a wet nurse brings in money. Her mother was a wet nurse and her father was a drunk who abused his wife and children. This book is about Susan’s journey and the difficulties she encounters.

Susan is a fabulous heroine. She is so very lovable and her no-nonsense attitude will win the reader’s heart. This is a woman who has experienced so much pain but yet, picks herself up and keeps on going. Throughout the story, she is such a delightful woman and we get to know her so very well. She isn’t stupid but very smart and able to adapt easily to her situations. Susan gives us insight on how the servants live, how they think and how they are treated. She also shows us the power of a mother’s love for her child. It is a powerful emotion that drives Susan to do things normally we wouldn’t accept. Ultimately, we hear her story through her voice and it is a riveting tale.

THE WET NURSE’S TALE is not a romance novel but it is a thoroughly enjoyable story. The lead character is wonderful and she has a strong personality. Readers will be entranced by the storyline as we follow Susan on her adventure. The secondary characters add so much to the story and the author has inserted stories from various characters explaining why they hired a wet nurse. All the characters are believable and come alive within the story. This was a great read from beginning to end.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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susan said...

This book sure sounds good and it's now on my to get list. WISH YOU LUCK ON IT. Susan L.