Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Book 1 in Wining Virgin series
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Date published: April 2008
ISBN: 1-60601-044-1 (E-book)
9781606012956 (Print)
Paranormal Vampire Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

Las Vegas is temptation to the core-lights, sounds and a chance to take home big money…or not. When Orlando Spenser loses a nice size amount of the family money, he returns home, broken hearted and finds that his family has had it with his gambling ways. They tell him to return to Sin City and find a mate but not any woman will do. Orlando is given a cryptic clue on which his potential mate may be. Once he locates her, can he convince her to toss aside her mortal life and take a chance on a vampire who is determined to bring back his virgin bride?

WINNING VIRGIN BLOOD is a wonderful debut into a series about vampires and the Spenser clan. Lots of wonderful characters are introduced and the reader gets a look into the Spenser family as they live in the lap of luxury and revel in the traditions of their past. Ms. Blaine deftly weaves her spell across the pages and lures you in with her wonderful story. A cast of characters that are sexy, rowdy and definitely sinful to the reader’s eyes makes this story highly enjoyable. The writing is tight, action fast paced and the desire fairly simmers across the pages as Orlando tries to convince her to trust in him and the passion they find together.

Meet Orlando Spenser, a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em type of vampire. A gamble, Lady Luck leaves him broke and ashamed as he slinks home to Scotland and the Spenser family home. His kinsmen decide he needs to return to Las Vegas and find his mate but not any woman will do. He has to find a winner and a virgin to boot; as if life hasn’t gotten worse than ever in Orlando’s eyes. Orlando Spenser is one sexy vampire. Heck, I wouldn’t mind letting him take a bite out of me if he asked. Sexy as sin, devilish and determined, Orlando finds that wooing his mate-to-be is more work than he thought. Natasha isn’t going to let Orlando dictate everything and she makes him work for her heart in more ways than one. Sparks fly between them and as both find out, winning is all in the eyes of the beholder. These two are absolutely perfect for each other. Orlando and Natasha dance their way into each other’s hearts and find a love that will transform them. The entire Spenser family is a riot and I loved the dynamics of how they relate to one another.

WINNING VIRGIN BLOOD is a phenomenal story that will transport you and then never let you go. Fast paced, simmering sexual desire and characters that steal your hearts is what makes this a spectacular story to enjoy. A great debut into the paranormal genre, Ms. Blaine delivers right on the first try and leaves the reader clamoring for more stories on the Spenser family. If you haven’t picked up the introduction of the Spenser clan, WINNING VIRGIN BLOOD, then I highly recommend grabbing it. I am eager to see what happens next for the Spenser’s and who may be next as they find their mates. Get ready for there’s a new paranormal author in town; Destiny Blaine is one who will deliver a highly addictive series that will take your breath away right from the beginning.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


booklover0226 said...

I'm familiar with Destiny's works but I somehow overlookd Virgin Blood and this series. Sheesh, I really need to move from under that rock.

Well, this series has been added to my must have list.

Tracey D

Anonymous said...

Hello, Destiny.
I left a comment on your current post about the book.
I've got to read it, after reading the review!

lastnerve said...

Loved the review. I agree that the Spenser family is one you want to keep reading about.


Kaualoku said...

What a great Story-line, who would have thought that Immortals had the same issues in "life" as mortals! Adding to my need to get list!

Kaualoku said...
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