Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Stevie Woods/Contest

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I’ve been writing gay romance for publication for about three years now and looking back it has been quite a ride.

When I was offered my first contract by a publisher, I was overjoyed. I’d sold a book. Someone actually wanted to publish my book! People would actually get to read it! You get the picture. At the time, that was all that really mattered to me. I’d spent almost a year writing that novel. What with the research, the first draft, the self-edits, the re-write – well I’m sure you can understand. I’m not saying I didn’t have a ball writing it, but still I had wanted a result after all that effort.

Since that first contract I’ve had 26 releases, including novels, novellas and short stories with three publishers. And I haven’t lost the desire to keep putting words on paper, creating a story that I hope someone will want to put in front of readers. I have written now in a variety of sub-genres, historical, fantasy, futuristic, contemporary, paranormal and, most recently, suspense and I enjoy trying new things. I’ve not always succeeded but I have surprised myself sometimes at what I have been willing to attempt. There are still some genres though of which I’m wary, BDSM for example. I enjoy reading works by those who know the subject well, but I am not one of them and I’m pretty certain discerning readers would recognize that fact. I also don’t know enough about police procedurals, I’ll leave that subject to the authors who do.

This year I had my first pre-planned series, The Tomcat Line, published – at least the first four novellas are already released, the final novel in the series is still to go through edits. I specify the first ‘pre-planned’ because I do already have a few short series published but they were not planned as series; each one began as a single work for which I was asked for a sequel or prequel: Cane and Conflict, Beyond the Veil and Drawing the Veil, The Wrong Path and Twists and Turns. I don’t know if I will ever do another pre-planned series, I would like to but we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s an ongoing process and I have other works contracted or submitted. To keep the readers interest it’s necessary to keep adding to my list of works. Sometimes I have two or three ideas in the works at once and it can be difficult to know what to work on. Some authors can write more than one story at once, though I find that difficult. I have done so, especially if they are short stories, but it’s not ideal for me. If I am working on a novel, particularly one that needs lots of research, then I really need to concentrate on that. I have written a few short stories recently and my next project is going to be a novel, and I’m not going to let myself get distracted <g>.

I have had two recent releases, Revenge is a Dish, a contemporary/thriller from Torquere Press, and The Kiva (#4 in The Tomcat Line Series) from MLR Press.

You can check out my website:

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Revenge is a Dish

The Kiva


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the comments about your process.

Thorne and Josh said...

Thanks for the chance to see a little inside your head. I find writing short pieces to be the hardest thing in the world! I'm starting through your books now, thrilled to have found a new author to enjoy.

joey said...

hiyah Stevie! luv'd Beyond the Veil and Drawing the Veil. So well written and delicious..*grin* Thanks for tellin us a little 'bout yourself. Good to see ya again.

Thanks for the contest!


Beth said...

Loved reading the post. A little inspiration to those of us who just wish we were authors(like me).



I understand about not writing in all genres. Just write what you aree comfortable with.


Stevie Woods said...

Thanks, Thorne and Josh! Glad you found my wondering thoughts of interest - and that now you want to read my books!

Stevie Woods said...

Hi Jo! Nice to see you here and thanks for the kind words!

Stevie Woods said...

Thanks, Beth. Nice to know I can pass on the inspiration:) Good luck!

Stevie Woods said...

So true, Loretta!

Raine Delight said...

Winner of Stevie Woods Author Day is JO! Congrats.