Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ROMANCING THE PIRATE by Michelle Beattie

Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Date published: September 1, 2009
ISBN 9780425230855
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewer: Gina
Received from Library

A blow on the head has hidden Alicia Davidson’s memory for the past six years. All she can remember are her parents, Jacob and Anna and how much they loved her. At Jacob’s funeral she sees a dark haired man who neither approaches her nor truly pays his respects, yet something about him stays in his mind. Despite her parents’ attempts to the contrary, Alicia was determined, and did learn, her father’s blacksmith trade. With his passing she sees no reason not to continue the business, despite a dear friend, Charles’ admonition to the contrary along with her Aunt’s stubborn intent to rule Alicia’s life. In a moment of intense grief Alicia finally brings herself to enter her parents’ former room and go through her father’s trunk. Inside she finds two letters, one to a mysterious Blake Merritt and another addressed to her. In the letter to Alicia, Jacob reveals the truth of Alicia’s origins and gives her directions on what she should do to find out about her true parentage.

Blake Merritt proudly calls himself a privateer, not a pirate. He is offended when compared to the pirates that raid the Caribbean and wreck havoc wherever they go. When Alicia turns up, more or less, on his doorstep by stowing away on his ship, he is at first incensed. Slowly but surely, Alicia wends her way into his heart and before long Blake cannot imagine a future without her.

But both have secrets, secrets that could tear apart their relationship before it can truly blossom.

What a difference between Michelle Beattie’s first book, WHAT A PIRATE DESIRES and ROMANCING THE PIRATE. In ROMANCING THE PIRATE the rich and lush textures of the Caribbean come to life. When Ms. Beattie describes Blake’s ship and the feeling of it being underway I could feel the ocean breezes and the clean, crisp air. Likewise when the couple lands on St. Kitts I had a strong feeling of what it would be like to walk those very streets.

I adored the secondary characters, Vincent and Nate and found myself chuckling at their banter. Somewhere along the way I think those two deserve their own story, perhaps as a historical romance comedy.

Normally I find it hard to believe a couple can fall in love in a day or so but the attraction between Alicia and Blake is well done. The author gave Alicia a marvelous personality and I enjoyed how her strength was both internal as well as external. Blake’s own pain was palpable and Alicia’s care for him wonderfully done.

I recommend reading WHAT A PIRATE DESIRES if for no other reason than to meet some of the secondary characters that appear in ROMANCING THE PIRATE. ROMANCING THE PIRATE is a super read that is not to be missed.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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