Thursday, November 25, 2010


Published by: Avon
Date published: September 2010
ISBN: 9780061849343
Historical romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

Savaana Hearnes is a gypsy and travels with a troupe putting on plays. She is well-liked and admired by many. She has sworn never to be beholden to a man. Then, one evening a lady approaches her. This lady looks uncannily like her and she has come with a proposition. The lady needs her to impersonate her while she goes to visit her lover. Her husband is away but the servants keep a good eye on her. When the lady gets pregnant, she will inherit a lot of money, but her husband doesn’t seem to be able to do the job. Of course, if the babe is not her husbands, she won’t get a penny. So, Savaana takes on the job. When a certain Irish man comes calling for a job, all Savaana’s well-laid plans see to go astray. Sean Gallagher is out to seduce her and under normal circumstances Savaana may not be so against the idea, but she needs to keep up the appearance of a loyal, faithful wife and she uses all her will power to resist the handsome man. But Sean is not all who he makes out to be and has a few secrets of his own. And his mission could go all wrong if he falls for the bewitching beauty.

I absolutely adored this story. From the first page until the last, it was a story that just couldn’t be put down. What I really, really enjoyed was the banter between the hero and heroine. Savaana and Sean exchanged witty and entertaining barbs so fast and it was so humorous that I continually had a smile on my face. They both didn’t quite trust each other and tried to worm the secrets out. It was brilliant. The plot was just as exciting with twists and turns and a wonderful ending. It kept me turning those pages furiously to see what would happen next. The sexual tension is brought to boiling point before our hero and heroine finally consummate their burning attraction. In fact, I fell in love with Sean right away and could hardly believe Savaana’s restraint! He is not only a hunk, but a man with honor and a lot of humor. Still, she has a mission and she is loyal to it.

I have enjoyed a few books by this talented author and I hope to enjoy more. This is a definite keeper and I will be reading this one again and will recommend it to all my friends. Historical fans, what are you waiting for? Go pick it up right away!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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