Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Book Four in the Bride Quartet Series
Publisher: Berkley
Date published: November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23675-8
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Parker Brown has played the wedding game a long time and now as an adult, she along with three of her closest friends co-own and run Vows, a premier wedding planning business. Three of her friends found love and are planning their own happily ever after. Parker has always known what each bride needs or wants but after meeting Malcomb Kavanaugh, she finds herself falling for the mechanic. Can Parker take the biggest gamble in her life and open her heart up to the one man destined to be hers forever?

I have to admit, I was crying by the time the last few pages were read in the last installment in the Bride Quartet series. Not angry or sad tears but those “Oh my god, they did it” happy tears. HAPPILY EVER AFTER is the perfect swan song to a series that encompasses friendships, family and relationships as only Nora Roberts can write. A talented author, she delivers a timeless classic that will leave you feeling quite satisfied and a bit melancholy. I loved the dynamics between long time friends Parker, Mac, Emma and Laurel. You can feel the love and friendship they held as well as the respect that transcended the pages.

Parker Brown co-owns Vows with her friends and has a knack of knowing what brides want and need on their big day. Now finding she is falling for mechanic Malcomb Kavanaugh has her all twisted in knots. He isn’t like who she thought she would be attracted to. Malcomb never expected to fall for Parker, a woman who has beauty, status and brains but one who is so lovely-inside and out-that he is hooked the minute he sets eyes on her. Now both have to risk it all in the game of love as their hearts fall for one another for as one knows, love is the biggest gamble of all. I loved Parker from the beginning when we first met everyone at Vows in Vision in White. Strong, take charge, anal about organization, she had a plan for when she met “Mr. Right”. What she never expects is to fall in love with a sexy mechanic instead. This is an author who knows her characters inside and out. They are strong, had flaws and you get a sense of who they were on the inside as well as on the outside. All my favorite characters were back from the other three books (Vision in White, Bed of Roses and Savor the Moment). I laughed, cried and smiled till the very end and as I closed the last page I was satisfied that all were getting their own HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Ms. Roberts is a consummate storyteller who delivers a story that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat and flipping the pages to see what happens next for Parker, Malcomb and the rest of their friends. HAPPILY EVER AFTER is a story of friendships, family and above all, love. I loved how this series ended and am eager to re-read the entire series again. Ms. Roberts is one gifted author who creates stories that will stay with you long after that last page is read. If you haven’t checked out the Bride Quartet series yet, I highly recommend that you do. I just suggest you start from the beginning as some items from the previous books are mentioned in each book.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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