Thursday, December 16, 2010

FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan

Publisher: Harper Teen
Date published: September 7th, 2010
ISBN: 978006193508
Urban Fantasy Young Adult
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Jacinda is a descendant of dragons and the only draki to be a fire breather. She is the only fire breather in the last four hundred years. Her pride is determined to keep her safe and bonded as fast as they can to another draki of their choosing. Breaking the rules for a daytime flight, Jacinda is spotted and pursued by draki hunters and barely escapes by the skin of her teeth. Being forced to live in a desert town, away from her draki pride and feeling lost in the human world, Jacinda finds out that life as she knows it is about to get quite complicated.

FIRELIGHT is one intriguing, exciting story that mixes mythology, conflicts for Jacinda to deal with, and a star-crossed romance that can get Jacinda killed if the wrong person finds out. Ms. Jordan is stepping into the young adult genre with an exceptional tale that introduces the reader to the draki or descendants of the dragons. They can shift into humans and try to keep themselves hidden away for they are hunted by ruthless draki hunters. The writing was tight, action fast paced and the author does a great job in creating a story around such mythical creatures. It’s very in-depth with some amazing secondary characters keeping the story flowing nicely and at an even pace.

Meet Jacinda, a descendant of the dragons or draki. She can shift forms to be human to hide from the draki hunters and enjoys being a dragon. She is the only fire breather in the pride in the last few hundred years and the pride is determined to make sure she stays there. Jacinda is a teenager who enjoys the freedom of being a dragon and one I found at times a bit whiny. She can come across as selfish, annoying and not very pleasant but overall, she is a teenager who is dealing with some weighty things in life. I can cut her some slack on being whiny though at times it does get tedious. Will, the draki hunter who stirs Jacinda’s draki is different from the other hunters. He is kind, nice and stirs her draki in ways she never expected. Is this something Jacinda should be concerned about or should she enjoy the feelings whenever she is around Will? The author does a good job at fleshing out her characters and making them relatable. Who hasn’t always liked what their parents decided for them when they were a teenager? I know I have, countless times. The author captures the teenage angst perfectly between Jacinda, her mother, who let her draki die inside to become human and her twin sister who is a plain human.

FIRELIGHT sets the stage for a wonderful trilogy on the myth of draki living among us and the hunters who prey on them. The climatic ending leaves you eager for more and anxiously awaiting the next book to see what happens next for Jacinda. If you are looking for a new young adult book to explore, I highly recommend FIRELIGHT. Sophie Jordan delivers in her debit young adult book with flying covers.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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