Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A Harmony Novel, Book 2
Publisher: Berkley
Date published: November 2nd, 2010
ISBN: 9780425237724
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

It’s been two years since Reagan Truman came to Harmony, Texas and in that time, she has finally found a place to call home after years of loneliness and being on her own. Now she has a job, a life, friends and a family and she will let nothing jeopardize it. But when Reagan finds her life in danger, will she be able to trust the love and help from a town that calls her one of their own?

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY is a wonderful story about family, friends and love in a small town of Harmony, Texas. If you haven’t read WELCOME TO HARMONY, I highly suggest you read that one first to get an idea of Reagan, the town and find out how it all began for Reagan in Harmony. Ms. Thomas delivers a solid second book in this series that draws the reader in from the first page and takes the reader on a journey for the heart in SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY. I enjoyed the first book and found the second book to be even better. The characters were lush with life, the story flowed smoothly and the writing tight. Ms. Thomas is a masterful storyteller that delivers characters and a story to fall in love with and her latest book is no exception.

Reagan Truman has spent the last two years in Harmony, Texas finding a family she never had and settling in. Now she has a job, friends and a peace that came from finally settling down somewhere. The town has drawn her into its arms, accepted her and now Reagan is determined that nothing will disturb that peace. Reagan has really grown in the second book. We see how she finds her life back on track with family and friends behind her and a maturity that comes across the pages in SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY. She is a feisty woman who knows what she has can be taken away with a blink of an eye and the reader is treated to the many residents who make up Harmony. The characters are funny, delightful and Ms. Thomas has a way of taking even the grumpiest character and making the reader fall in love with them. I loved returning to this special town and seeing how my favorite characters have been.

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY is a fun, light-hearted story that will sweep you up and steal you away for hours at a time. Ms. Thomas is a wonderful writer who delivers a solid story in her Harmony series. I just hope we don’t have a long wait for the next book. If you enjoy a story that has some multi-dimensional characters, fast moving storyline and emotionally charged, then grab SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY and settle in for an afternoon of reading fun. I look forward to more Harmony stories in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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