Monday, January 10, 2011


Publisher: Signet
Date Published: August 3rd, 2010
ISBN 978-0-451-23159-8
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Santa Barbara Art Museum has the scoop of the century, when they unveil the masterpiece by legendary painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. When the museum curator turns up dead soon after the unveiling, it is up to Shawn Spencer and his trusted sidekick, Gus, to solve the case, because someone or something is determined to keep the secret hidden from everyone, and will do anything to make it happen…even murder.

A FATAL FRAME OF MIND is set in the TV world of the show Psych and one I’ve never watched before, nor have I ever read the other books that are tied into the series. With that frame of mind, I found this book to be enjoyable if at times a bit boring, though the author does a great job in creating some enjoyable characters in Gus and Shawn. The best part of this book was when Gus and Shawn kept ribbing on one another, it had me chuckling at their antics. The story is a little predictable and at times does get a bit tedious, but I got through it and found myself enjoying the story as a whole till the very end.

Shawn Spencer & his friend Gus are really good at solving mysteries and when Gus is asked by his old teacher/mentor, Professor Langston to help solve the museum curator’s death, he is thrilled. Less pleased is Shawn but as clues and danger mount, they are drawn into a world of myths and legends as an ancient order is determined to stop them from solving their latest case. Can they succeed in breaking the case before one or both wind up dead? I loved Gus and Shawn together. Their quips and banter had me laughing out loud in spots and had me smiling through most of the book. They literally stepped off the pages and came to life for me they were so well written. The characters complimented each other very well and the author did a good job, to keep them fresh and enjoyable till the very end. There were some secondary characters that felt a little bland to me, but it worked ok in the story and kept the storyline moving nicely.

If you are looking for an entertaining story to enjoy one afternoon, this is definitely one to try. It has humor, tight writing, intriguing characters and a predictable mystery to enjoy till the very end. I may not try the other books but will definitely check out the TV show now after reading this book. I would love to see the characters Gus and Shawn in action on the screen, to see if they are just as enjoyable as I read in A FATAL FRAME OF MIND.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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