Monday, January 31, 2011

RUTHLESS GAME by Christine Feehan

GhostWalkers #9
Publisher: Jove Books
Date Published: December 2010
ISBN: 9780515149210
Military Romance/Paranormal
Reviewed by T. BarringerTammy
Obtained via: publisher

The ninth book in Christine Feehan’s GhostWalkers series, RUTHLESS GAME, is a paranormal military romantic adventure at its best.

After being forced to impregnate Rose as part of the evil Dr. Whitney’s illegal genetic experiments, Kane manages to break Rose out of the labs before eventually escaping himself. He then joined up with the GhostWalker Team Three and has been searching for her ever since to no avail. When Kane’s team is sent on a hostage rescue mission, he discovers that their informant is none other than Rose, eight months pregnant and distrustful of everyone but perhaps him. During the rescue, Kane and Rose find themselves separated from the GhostWalkers and one step ahead of Dr. Whitney and his minions, with their baby about to be born.

For this reader, RUTHLESS GAME may just be the best book Christine Feehan has released in a long time. While some of the elements of the story such as the strong alpha male, the lethal yet fragile female, the forced pairings, the shadow of the ever persistent evil Dr. Whitney and non-stop action are all present in this story as well, there are many aspects of this story that make it unique and really stand out from the rest of the series. Perhaps the biggest differentiator is the way Feehan weaves humor into this story. Kane and Rose are both soldiers through and through. Neither of them has any idea how to prepare for a baby or care for one once it arrives. When Kane is forced to run with a very pregnant Rose in tow, the added complication of the pregnancy opens the door, for some very funny moments for these two characters.

Rose is forced to work on her trust issues with both Kane and the rest of his GhostWalker team, whom he thinks of as family. Kane meanwhile, has to work through his feelings of guilt for impregnating Rose. When the baby is threatened, readers get a glimpse into how well the GhostWalkers work together and prove their training.

Though it would be helpful to read at least a few of the earlier books in the series to understand the series background and character motivations better, it is not necessary to the storyline. Christine Feehan is a master storyteller and as far as this reader is concerned, RUTHLESS GAME, is one of the best stories in this series. Kudos to Ms. Feehan for adding humor to her proven and highly successful GhostWalkers books. Who would have thought there could be humor found amongst all the fighting, intrigue and battle hardened soldiers?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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