Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Publisher: Siren Publishing
Date Published: April 2010 & February 2011
ISBN 1-60601-849-3 and ASIN B004NIGOLY
Paranormal Erotica
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Cooper McKenzie’s THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATE and its sequel, THE COP’S MATE, are shape-shifter, erotica short stories that simply fail to hit the mark.

In THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATE, Margot Jackson is interviewing for a job she desperately needs when she meets CEO Adam Thomasson, a shapeshifting billionaire who immediately recognizes Margot as his destined mate.
Although Margot naturally thinks Adam might be slightly insane when he attempts to claim her, there and then in his office. When he tells her they are meant to be together, she is also strongly attracted to Adam and more than willing to see where this mating thing is going.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!In THE COP’S MATE, Matt Brady, cop and enforcer for his pack, has come to town to rescue his sister, Margot Jackson (who apparently has no idea that her brother is a shape-shifter), from a crazy billionaire (who she fails to mention is a shape-shifter).
He finds his sister happily mated. He is however, surprised to find his own mate, a spoiled shifter who has attacked his sister more than once, over her new mate Adam.

This is the first time that this reviewer has felt the need to combine the review of two separate stories into one review. Please bear with me as I explain why I felt the need to do just that this time.

Both of Cooper McKenzie’s paranormal erotica shorts, THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATE and its sequel THE COP’S MATE are stand alone books that could easily be combined into one story. The result would probably be a slightly stronger storyline, but most likely would not improve the rating this reviewer would have given anyway. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the author decided to keep the stories separate. She might have gotten a few more readers with a slightly longer book, but by keeping the books separate, she may have been able to sell more books, thereby making more money. But of course, this is just speculation.

Both stories are marketed as paranormal/shape-shifter books as shape-shifters feature predominately in both stories. However, why these characters needed to be shape-shifters is lost on this reader. Perhaps it was to explain why both Adam and Matt, instantly recognized their future mates and immediately set out to mate with them.

Frankly, this reader doubts that little fact would have changed the story in any meaningful way, if their shifter status was removed from the stories. Both stories, to this reader, ran more along the lines of a short porn film, the main characters meet and immediately get down to the sex. Then cut to end of story. There simply wasn’t much more to these short stories. For these reasons, it seemed inane to write two separate reviews that would be apprised of basically the same critique.

This reader was really disappointed with both of Cooper McKenzie’s short paranormal erotica stories, THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATE and THE COP’S MATE. Having read many terrific short stories that had substantial storylines, with paranormal aspects integral to the stories, these two simply fell short. However, if all you are looking for is a little bit of erotica, it is possible that you might not feel that your money was wasted with these two books.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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