Monday, February 14, 2011

TWO LETHAL LIES by Annie Solomon

Publisher: Forever Books
Date published: October 2010
ISBN 9780446178457
Romantic Suspense
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

Annie Solomon’s TWO LETHAL LIES is a story of desperation, suspense, evil and honor that will sweep you along on an action-packed journey of discovery.

Mitch Turner and his daughter Julia have been running from place to place for over ten years, ever since he answered a plea for help for an ex-girlfriend only to find her dead and her baby hidden in some laundry. Framed for the murder by his sadistic and jealous brother, Mitch knows he can never allow his brother to get his hands on Julia and for ten years, he manages to give Julia all the love and security he is able to give while on the run. Julia just wants to go to school and have a home like other kids. She has no idea why she and her father are constantly moving. With Christmas fast approaching, Mitch gives in to Julia’s pleas and decides to give her a home in Crossroads, Tennessee until after the holidays. Unfortunately, Mitch’s luck doesn’t hold and he is arrested, Julia is handed over to a serial killer and they both are forced to rely on their wits and the kindness of a small town waitress if they are to survive.

Annie Solomon does know how to pen a good suspense. TWO LETHAL LIES is an emotionally charged race to keep one step ahead of a very wealthy and determined serial killer who unfortunately has the law on his side. Solomon’s intense writing style has readers hoping against hope that little Julia can finally have the life she so desperately wants even though the sense that time is running out lingers heavily in the background at all times.

There are four real main characters in this story. Mitch is everything a hero should be, honorable, good and a loving parent who puts his daughter’s life and safety above his own at all times. Julia is a sweet child desperately wanting to be like other kids. Mitch’s brother enters later in the story and enters with a bang as we learn of the true depths of his depravity just about the time Julia is turned over to him. The fourth main character is a tired and lonely small town waitress who sees a second chance at life and love with Mitch and Julia if she can look past the things she is hearing and put her trust in Mitch.

The story moves nicely between giving insight into the characters and keeping the pace of the suspense element racing along. The only real problem this reader had with this book was the romance between Mitch and the waitress, Neesy Brown. Neesy is depicted as a man hungry, used up and desperate women who sees an inkling of hope in the kindness Mitch bestows on his daughter and the townspeople. Rather than their romance feeling fated, it seems that she is just in the right place at the right time. My lack of empathy for Neesy really ruined the whole romance aspect of the story for this reader. Luckily, the suspense aspect more than made up for Neesy’s shortcomings. Once Julia falls into the hands of Mitch’s evil brother, the action spirals and readers will find themselves sitting on the edge of their seats frantically flipping pages to find out how on earth Mitch and Julia are going to get the happily ever after ending they very much deserve. If you haven’t picked up an Annie Solomon suspense yet, TWO LETHAL LIES is the place to start. This romantic suspense is positively chilling.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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