Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WAIT FOR THE WIND by Brynna Curry

Elemental Magic, Book 3
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Date published: January 2011
ISBN: 9781616502249
Paranormal romance
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

The third book in Brynna Curry’s Elemental Magic series, WAIT FOR THE WIND, is a short paranormal romance that left this reader, well, waiting.

The book description says that Ryan and Kate must reunite to break the second of a three-part thousand-year-old spell. It’s a good thing it was mentioned in the book description, because the spell wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the book. The closest thing this reader could find was a dream that appears to have taken place many years prior and had a jealous sister putting a spell on her twin sister’s lover so he would fall for her instead. The spell and the dreams must have been explained in Books 1 and/or 2, because they certainly were never explained in this book.

In WAIT FOR THE WIND, we are given the romance of Ryan and Kate, childhood sweethearts torn apart by a horrible misunderstanding and reunited after twelve long years. Ryan has always believed that Kate had aborted their child and in his disgust, fled the country. Now that he is home, he finds out the truth and learns he is a father after all.

This short story had a lot of holes in it. Twice the story went to a dream world but it was never really explained what these dreams had to do with the story. This reviewer will have to assume the connection is made in the first or second book in the series. The other problem this reader had with the book was that I just never warmed up to Ryan. Kate’s sad story touched me, but why she tells him now after he refused to listen to repeated letters, phone calls and his family, just made very little sense to me for a woman who was supposed to be so strong. The biggest problem I had with this romance was the way it made me cringe after Ryan pukes, has a few sips of water and then in the next instant is passionately kissing Kate!? Yuk! Just yuk! Did the author forget he had just puked on a child’s shoes? And then there was all this unnecessary magic. It was as if the author realized the story was lacking and decided to add the magic to appeal to the paranormal audience. To be honest, the magic was the best part of the story.

It is very difficult to write an interesting short story that draws in and satisfies readers and unfortunately for Brynna Curry, WAIT FOR THE WIND really fell short of the mark.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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