Monday, April 18, 2011


Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Date publishing: February 2011
ISBN: none listed
Erotic Suspense
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via: publisher

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Erotic suspense author, C.L. Scholey’s ASSASSIN MASTER takes readers into the dark and oppressive world of human slavery. After surviving a childhood of one horrific foster home after the next before finally being adopted by loving parents, Carrie is now once again alone after the death of her adopted mother. But Carrie is doing well and set to graduate from university at the top of her class with a bright future ahead of her.

Then, in one moment of concern for a man who appears to be having a medical emergency, Carrie’s world is turned upside down. Kidnapped, drugged and flown who knows where to be sold to sex slavers, Carrie sees her opportunity for escape dwindling by the hour.

In C.L. Scholey’s ASSASSIN MASTER, we follow Carrie’s emotional journey as she goes from independent woman to scared captive to sex slave. And that is just the beginning of the surprises in store for her. If nothing else, this story will leave readers thinking, and that in this reader’s opinion, is one of the best signs of a good story. What makes this story so unusual is not the life of sexual slavery that Carrie is forced into with one simple act of kindness, but the many twists and turns and surprise reveals that readers will not see coming.

The hero in this story is likewise not your typical hero. He is an assassin by trade and as such has access to the seedier element, including sexual slavers and their ilk. When it falls on our hero to nurse Carrie back to health after a botched escape attempt from her abductor, no one is more surprised than him to find that he is growing attached to Carrie and her to him. He sets out to help Carrie, but not in any expected way.

Then bigger surprises surface for our heroine and again her world spins. The pace of the story is fast and furious. The characters are colorful and exotic. The suspense is constant and through it all a dark and erotic thread keep readers enthralled.

This reader finished reading the story not quite sure what to think of it. But days and even weeks later, this story still lingers in the mind provoking thought. Is there really anything more an author can hope for than to linger long after the last page is read?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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