Friday, April 15, 2011

MUST LOVE KILTS by Allie Mackay

Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Date published: January 2011
ISBN: 978-0451231949
Time Travel, Fantasy, Historical Romance
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained by Publisher

Margo Menlove loves all things Scottish. This is no passing fancy. Not at all. Some would say she was born loving a honeyed burr and wrapping herself in a tartan. A hot and hunky Scotsman is the cherry on top. Prudent and careful she carefully selects Scottish items for her home, be it her tartan covered easy chair or a favored cup.

When her personal nemesis, Dina Greed, flaunts her upcoming and very expensive trip to Scotland Margo can’t help but feel jealous. With true friends beside her she wins a trip to Scotland by entering a raffle. With Wee Hughie MacSporran as her tour guide she soon finds her way to the land of her dreams. The mists draw out her fantasies of meeting and loving a man she had only seen in a book and her dreams.

Magnus MacBride lives for vengeance against the Vikings who plunder his coast and stole his one great love from him. With Liana’s death he has sworn to never love nor lay with another woman. That is, until, a certain Margo Menlove appears before him seemingly as an apparition in the waves as he prepares for battle. Is she a spirit sent by the vile Donata Greer? Or is she the woman who will melt the ice that encases his heart?

Magnus has the chance to find out when Margo finds herself thrust through a time portal and lands before him. Just as they find their way to each other a dark enemy steals Margo from her Scottish warlord.

Okay, I have to say I spent quite some time ogling the cover of Allie MacKay’s newest Highlander time travel before digging into this awesome read. If ever there was a cover that totally depicts the most awesome Scottish hero, this is it. The cover is, however, only a prelude to a super read. Ms. MacKay says it best in her acknowledgements when she says “Scotland is extraordinary, a magical place held in awe…” and then brings that magic to life in MUST LOVE KILTS.

I enjoyed the prior books in this series, but this one is totally and completely head and shoulders above the rest. Margo has a warm, gentle and honest heart. Magnus – oh he is everything you want your heroes to be. His personality wraps itself around your imagination and doesn’t let go. Lines like “Arousal still swirled inside her neediest places, urgent and demanding…” are but a taste of a fabulously told story.

Even if you don’t believe in magic, Ms. MacKay dispels disbelief and invites you to partake of Margo’s journey. The ending, a mere turn of the page, made me smile and then I sat to think back on the story. MUST LOVE KILTS moves along at a steady pace, not too fast, not too slow and with each chapter you become more and more enthralled with the story. This is a total don’t miss book!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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