Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Publisher: Siren Publishing
Date published: February 2011
ISBN: 1-61034-179-1
Contemporary Romance, ménage, Western/Cowboy
Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained via publisher

In this sequel to TABLE FOR THREE we get Serena’s story. Serena is more than she seems. No matter what the local townsfolk say Marc and Tony know that there is something worth finding inside Serena. After a brutal attack on Serena the two men are sent to protect her until the attacker is taken into custody. While protecting Serena, Marc and Tony find themselves drawn to her and want to see just where things may go but when Serena finds out the truth will she stay or will she run?

Readers of the first book in this series will be very happy to find that Serena is much more than everyone thinks. She is a good person and proves it time and time again. I enjoyed seeing a different side of Serena in this story. She is a strong woman who endures a lot and is still standing. Marc and Tony are wonderful men who see right through it all and see the real woman behind the mask. It was nice to see them put everything on the line to protect Serena. Watching the three go from friendship to love was a sweet read and seeing Cass forgive and help Serena was great. I loved watching the relationship blossom between Serena and her men. They are wonderful together and the love that they have for one another shows through in everything that they do.

CATCH HER WHEN SHE FALLS is a wonderful story of finding love and happiness when you least expect it. Missy Martine does a wonderful job of pulling the reader into Serena’s world. I enjoyed seeing Serena’s happiness unfold and I am glad she was more than people thought she was.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Thank you for your kind review.