Friday, April 29, 2011

ON THE HUNT by Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, Diedre Knight

Publisher: Penguin Signet
Date published: February 2011
ISBN: 978 0451232434
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Pam
Obtained via publisher

ON THE HUNT is an interesting mix of paranormal tales from some great writers, with minds that think outside the box, it’s an interesting read if you enjoy paranormal tales although these tales only give a glimpse into their characters lives. The ideas all add up well, but for me I wanted to read more about them and learn more about their lives. Writing short stories isn’t easy, so now I hope these talented authors write novellas or novels so readers can learn what happens to the other characters.

EVER NIGHT: takes the reader into an alternate world, where most humans are killed on sight. Ruled by a ruthless warrior king, who seems to know when travelers will arrive in his realm, many are slaughtered. Rose Pascal, for some obscure reason survives her visits and the king has begun to cherish them as his passion for her grows.

This dark world tale is really different with some strange warriors who love to kill. The hero and heroine have a passion for each other, but are afraid to commit. The heroine always has the feeling she wants to stay, but is afraid, but the king also wants her, so when they get together its’ fireworks. The tale is a page turner as I was always waiting for the bad guys to eat her. If you like your reading dark this is ideal.

THE COLLECTOR: Viviana Rowan is a beautiful woman who finds herself in danger after purchasing an ancient artifact, when demons stalk her and kill her friend. Demon hunter, Neal Etan has come to purchase one of her artifacts, but finds himself rescuing Viviana. After she touches him, he finds she strengthens his magical abilities. Now he must keep her safe, as she may mean more to him than he thought.

This is a story with a totally different tale to tell the reader, with demons skulking about. The hero is dealing with pain and trust issues, but is attracted to the heroine in many ways. The bad guys were monsters with very large claws, and they find themselves fighting for their lives. A very dark paranormal with a magic that keeps the reader wondering what else could possibly happen next.

CRYSTAL SKULL: Deep in the jungle Natalie Albright is searching for relics, but soon after she finds a carved skull her dig is shut down, because she has awakened the underworld demons. After teaming up with her ex, together, despite his wishes they fight the ancient menace with the help of the villagers. Not sure of each other, they have to decide if being together is their destiny, or should she find another place.

This gory tale has a lot of suspense plus an interesting theme, because deep in the jungle, well hidden from human eyes are creatures none wish to meet.
I really enjoyed the spooky jungle as the characters were described so well. This is a tale with a difference as a village full of superstitious people tries to stop archeologists from staying on a dig. The strange carved skull is an eye opening character in this story, as a fight to keep them all safe begins.

RED ANGEL: Jamie Angel is the leader of the Nightshades, a group who track and kill any kind of monster. When his friends come for Thanksgiving, he’s puzzled by Sunny, a woman he’s sure is a demon, although he’s never met one like her. The more he’s around her, the deeper he feels himself trapped. Now he has to work out who and what she is, before he falls for her and loses himself completely. Oh, to have a gorgeous hero like this one chasing after you. He’s a romantic under the smoldering smile.

Well this hero is most girls dream man, with smiles and innuendo during the day and hunting baddies at night. The heroine isn’t sure she can be with him as a heavenly messenger has already had a fit of temper. This is a tale with yet another interesting mix of characters. Well when was the last time you sat down to a meal with hunters, vampires and angels? A tale to remember with a hot Angel on the hunt of the woman he loves.

ON THE HUNT will make it hard to look in dark corners. All these tales are worth reading if you’d like to meet some unusual characters and the creatures they hunt and kill to keep the worlds safe. The writing and editing was well done, with page turning, hot sex scenes which left this reviewer wanting more. The settings were well done and don’t leave the reader wondering where they are. The demons were an interesting group of species, especially the Demon bats with their odd physiology and use of human parts

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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