Thursday, May 5, 2011

VOLINETTE’S SONG (The Magic of Solendrea) by Martin F. Hengst

Publisher: Self Published
Date Published: March 2011
AISN: B004T4X816
Fantasy Novella
Reviewed by Angie
Obtained via Self Purchase

Volinette is a young girl who loves music, but believes her true calling is in magic. Her father is afraid of her, her mother cannot accept her need to be true to herself and yet she knows her true calling. They have forced her to keep her true nature a secret telling her that they fear what their village will think, but she finally learns that they fear her and her powers.

Volinette’s tale begins when she enters the Great Tower of High Magic for her rite of passage. As she finds herself fighting to prove herself worthy of a coveted position in the academy, she finds her strengths coming to the surface. When she not only succeeds in every task put to her, she discovers your past must merge with your present to show the way to the future.

VOLINETTE’S SONG is a fast paced novella with a great main character. She is a strong girl who knows what she wants at a young age and is set on proving to herself and her family that she knows best. Her character flows from the pages with ease, breaking through barriers to find her path in life. This novella will leave readers wanting more. She has a sense of self that only a true heroine can portray in fiction. She stands up for what she wants and lets herself be true to her nature.

As a reader I hope to see more of Volinette’s tale and from the Great Tower of High Magic. The secondary characters are short lived but left this reader wanting more. I want to hear Jaleel’s story and hope that he survives the tests, even though he failed to win a spot in the academy. This was a strong book that left me wanting more. I would highly recommend it to readers as a fast read with strong emotional conflict.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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