Monday, June 20, 2011

HIT LIST by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake Book 20
Publisher: Penguin Group
Date published. June 2011
ISBN: 9780425241134
Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via: publisher

The latest Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book from Laurell K. Hamilton has hit the shelves in time for the summer reading season and it really delivers in spades.

Anita and fellow US Marshall Edward (aka Ted Forrester) are off in search of a serial killer who is dismembering weretigers in the Pacific Northwest. Only Anita and Edward know they are hunting the Harlequin, the scariest and most lethal bogeymen of the vampire world. To speak their name aloud can bring death to the speaker’s doorstep. They serve the Mother of All Darkness who has her very black heart set on possessing Anita’s body and is using the Harlequin to get to Anita.

Laurell K. Hamilton has done what very few authors can or will, she has listened to her critics and taken their criticism to heart. One of their biggest complaints was that Anita wasn’t detecting enough anymore and the books were becoming all about the sex. In HIT LIST, Anita has teamed up with hitman/US Marshall Edward and has left her “men” behind to stop a serial killer. Though Anita still has to feed the ardeur with sex (she is a succubus after all), it is not the main thrust of the story. Instead this thoroughly engrossing story features the relationship between Anita and Edward, with the monsters in her life taking on a secondary role as Anita has much better control of the metaphysics now and is able to be away from her “men” for longer periods of time. Fans will be pleased to see Bernardo and Otto (Olaf) have returned as backup along with a few of Anita’s bodyguards from prior stories. But perhaps the best part of HIT LIST comes at the back of the story when Anita lets down her shields. Everyone Anita is metaphysically connected to come to her aid psychically in what may be her scariest showdown yet.

If Hamilton’s critics aren’t pleased with HIT LIST, there is simply no pleasing them. This book was fast paced, explosive and filled with surprises. This reader, for one, could not have been more thrilled with HIT LIST and the direction the series is taking. Kudos galore go to Hamilton for keeping to her vision for the series while still managing to give her fans (and critics) what they have been clamoring for. HIT LIST is most definitely worth the purchase price. Don’t miss out.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


jackie b central texas said...

I messed up and did not order my copy until yesterday, longtime Anita Blake groupie/LKH fan and am very eager to get my hands and eyes on Hit List!

I agree from all the reviews including this one that if fans of the series do not enjoy Hit List the author is never going to win! >_<

Ceska said...

I understand putting something from past books so that the book could stand on its own, but repeating it twice in the same book was really frustrating...I wished she would have made the ending more but I think if she had it would have almost seemed like she was ending the series which is one thing I hope she doesn't do just yet... over all I LOVE the series and can't wait where she will take Anita next :-)