Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My Immortal series, book 3
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing/Forever
Date: January 2011
ISBN: 978-0-446-56386-4
Paranormal Romance, Demons, Mages
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed By Lil
Obtained by Publisher

Anna Grayson Spencer sought nothing but revenge against the mage who tore her away from all that she knew. Despairing and mourning the loss of her beloved sister, it was a demon who gave her hope and strength to survive. Just as Gray attempted to attain her goal of death for the one who had caused her and many others’ suffering, an assassin intervened. And in thwarting her, he saved her, as well.

A fiend and feared by his enemies, Durian is an accomplished assassin bound by choice to a powerful warlord. He may not trust mages but he will uphold the current truce though his heart rebels. When an unprepossessing female attempts a ludicrous act of courage he is deeply suspicious and then impressed. Enough to become something of a mentor and eventually more.

MY IMMORTAL ASSASSIN is the third book in Carolyn Jewel’s exciting My Immortal series. Leaping into the fray with this story was no difficulty. A brief glossary included in the book made for an easy reference in the case of need. However, it really didn’t take long to get up to speed with this world and the beings that inhabited it.

The heroine is that wonderful mix of determination, vulnerability and bravado that is such fun to read. The horror of her experiences certainly helps to shape her but her flashes of humor lighten her character. Gray embraces a steep learning curve under Durian’s tutelage and one can’t help but delight in her ease in grasping the art of fighting.

A strong sexy demon hero is hard to resist. He is also suave and deadly. One of the things that makes Durian so interesting is that he is a hero clearly not in charge of the greater picture in this world. And yet he comes across with authority. This is not so simple a portrayal with a backdrop of tenuous political agreement and painful compromise due to same.

Ms Jewel’s ability to create a hierarchy for the kin and to show the ways that her demons interact with each other and those around them adds layer upon layer to this fascinating book. Magekind are not neglected in a certain richness of background.

MY IMMORTAL ASSASSIN is an action filled read with plenty of tension from suspense and from steamy awareness between hero and heroine. With the plethora of paranormal romances out there, this one easily stands out. I for one am anxious to catch up on the installments of the series that I have missed in MY WICKED ENEMY and MY FORBIDDEN DESIRE. Even better, the fourth book, MY DANGEROUS PLEASURE appears to have hit the bookstore shelves. Glomming doesn’t get much better than this.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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