Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: March 16th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61581-856-3 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-61581-857-0 (E-Book)
Contemporary M/M Romance
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

Andrew has a wife, a son and is a good photographer. He is utterly miserable. A gay man trapped in a loveless marriage his religious mother pushed him into, he exists day in and day out. That is until new neighbors move in next door and Andrew finds himself falling in love-with a straight man…who is married and has a family. Life brings both men together one fateful night and their world is forever changed. Life is full of twists and turns yet as Andrew and Nathan find out, not all things are absolute. Love will find a way, in the end, to have its voice heard.

Sue Brown has given her readers a powerful, heart wrenching story that you will need a box of tissues to read. I was blown away by the sheer emotions that you feel throughout the story. Laughter, love, sadness, anger, passion are all felt by the reader as they follow Andrew and Nathan on their journey to a happily ever after. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS is a story not just about two gay men but about two people who have baggage, fears, vulnerabilities and more to overcome in order to have their desires realized in the end. Ms. Brown captivated me from the moment I opened this latest book from her and I just could not put it down. It was riveting to experience the ups and downs these two men experience in their lives as life’s twists and turns took them, first, to their heart’s desire and then far from it. I stayed up late to finish it and found myself feeling every emotion the characters felt as I read NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.

The story flowed nicely and the writing was tight. What really got to me were the characters. They were multi-faceted, with hopes, dreams, desires and fears that all of us experience. It felt like I could have these characters as my neighbors and friends. That is how life like they felt to me. Ms. Brown does a wonderful job in creating her characters in NOTHING EVER HAPPENS and the reader feels her love for them come out while we flip the pages, waiting with an eager breath to see what would happen next. The heartbreaks, the passion, the friendship and the love all come out between the characters and though I wanted to hate a few of the secondary characters, I really couldn’t. The story was more than a romance between Andrew and Nathan; it was also about finding out who you are inside and out, accepting it and living with the consequences of your actions. This author delivered a few twists that had me gasping in disbelief as I turned the pages wondering how this could happen. The characters stay with you long after the last page is read.

Love isn’t smooth or Disney made but messy, wonderful and full of experiences. Ms. Brown delivers all that and more in NOTHING EVER HAPPENS with gusto. She is a talented author who knows how to make a story shine, with a few little things to keep the reader on their toes and with characters you cannot help but fall in love with. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS is a book I plan to read again, this time with two boxes of tissues next to me. If you are looking for emotional stories, complex and believable characters and a passion so timeless, then pick up a Sue Brown book. This author is now one of my favorite GBLT authors to explore and I can’t wait to see what she has in store next for her readers.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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