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Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date Published: April, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60928-581-4
ASIN: B004X32058
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via Publisher

Leslie Dicken’s THE PRICE OF DISCOVERY is an emotionally-charged, paranormal romance, full of mystery and suspense.

Journalist Erin Price is desperate for the story of the century, one that will erase her past mistakes and save her career. While investigating the murder of a John Doe, she suddenly finds herself up against the most gorgeous, strangest man she has ever seen, one who sparks great interest for her story. Believing the oddities she encounters with him and his family in their strange Victorian home are prime details for her story, she continues her relationship with the man, Drakor, in an attempt to gain information that might assist her.

Drakor, an Elliacian, has come to earth, along with his family, seeking his best friend and a gene that may help save his dying planet. However, when he meets Erin, a human he deems beneath him, he finds himself drawn to her in ways he would rather not. He fights his attraction to her, believing he can only mate and impregnate his lifemate, his Mharai. But as their relationship intensifies, both discover more than they have bargained for. Drakor, in realizing he cannot live without Erin, and Erin, in learning that the man she is falling for is, in fact, an alien from another planet. Also, Drakor must face the prospect of living forever without his Mharai, since time for him to find her is running out.

As Drakor and Erin struggle with their attraction for one another, each must come to grips with decisions that will affect not only their families, but their futures as well. Drakor, through tragedy, has been thrust into position as head of his family and possible savior of his world, while Erin must decide on her feelings for Drakor or on her writing career, with an article that may well destroy the aliens she has come to care for.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading THE PRICE OF DISCOVERY Having always been a sucker for alien romances, this one fit the bill, meeting all of my expectations. It is well written and extremely satisfying. It kept me turning pages to see what would happen next, with unforeseeable plot twists and surprises that piqued my interest.

Drakor is one hot alien who would appeal to any living, breathing female. And Erin Price, as a journalist, has all the qualities of nosiness and daring common to most investigative reporters. The fact that she is a major threat to exposing the aliens lends credence to the fears and struggles both of these people must endure to the very end.

The secondary characters in THE PRICE OF DISCOVERY are unique in themselves. With Drakor’s parents, brother, and sisters involved in the great mission to secure the human DNA necessary for their people to survive, it is with great delight that I enjoyed learning of their daily struggles to survive on a planet they have not yet adapted to. Ms. Dickon’s interesting examples of an old Victorian house, complete with a kitchen that has no dishes, or anything common thereto, lend credence to this tale. Conflicts and problems within Drakor’s own family threaten his leadership role and lends much fuel to the problems at hand, especially with his relationship with Erin.

The many conflicts and plot twists in this story are varied and suspenseful, especially when Erin’s rival at the Virginia Sentinel starts nosing around. Rita Dixon’s motivations seem as typical career-focused endeavors or mere jealousy over Drakor’s attraction to Erin. Only later do Rita’s underhanded attempts to uncover the aliens and their secrets threaten everyone’s piece of mind as safety issues for Drakor and his family arise to complicate things for everyone, including Erin and her brother. Ms. Dickon’s skill at adding twists kept me guessing until the end.

For anyone interested in romance and aliens, I highly recommend Leslie Dickon’s THE PRICE OF DISCOVERY. It is a very well written story that I guarantee will be a great way to escape our world and its own troubles for a day...or two.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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