Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ROPING IN FOREVER by Destiny Blaine

Forever Series Book 1
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Date published: June 1st, 2011
ISBN: 1-61034-488-X
Contemporary Cowboy Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Corbin Cansey has been running from Bella since she was fourteen and Bella McDermott has had enough of his excuses. Following him to San Antonio, she gets an eyeful of what Corbin really enjoys. This time, Bella is about to teach this foot loose cowboy a thing or two about loving a woman and finding that maybe what he was looking for is right in front of him…if he would only stop being so damn stubborn about it.

I got to admit, after reading the book blurb for ROPING IN FOREVER, I was intrigued. Who doesn’t like a story where the heroine gives the hero a taste of his own medicine? I know I do. With the right amount of sexual tension, a fast paced storyline and intriguing characters, the reader is drawn into the world of rodeos and cowboys. Ms. Blaine is a talented author who knows how to keep the reader glued to the edge of their seat as they flip the pages, trying to see what happens next between Bella and Corbin. The writing was tight, the story flowed smoothly and the characters were multi-dimensional.

Meet Bella McDermott. She has loved Corbin Cansey forever it seemed but he always had an excuse in not claiming her as his own. Finally following him to San Antonio, she gets an education in what turns Corbin on and finds her heart broken. What follows is a story of a woman who finds she has been pushed away long enough. This time Corbin has to work for Bella’s heart and body because she has had enough of the waiting and excuses. I loved Bella. She was innocent but also had a naughty side that had Corbin quite intrigued. She was a fiery heroine who gave the hero a taste of his own medicine. It was a riot to see how this man had the tables turned on him by the one woman he was afraid to claim as his own.

Corbin Cansey was a fun, sexy alpha hero that had me knowing I would have slapped him silly if he had pulled that with me in real life. Ms. Blaine delivers such life like characters that I swore if I met them in real life I could see myself being friends with them all. There was a few intriguing secondary characters that had me interested and I am hoping they show up in future books.

ROPING IN FOREVER is a sexy story about two people who are perfect for one another who find that in order to have a forever love they need to grab it with both hands. If you like your stories full of hot and sinful cowboys and the women, who finally tame their wild hearts, then grab the first book in the Forever series, ROPING IN FOREVER, and settle in for one wild bronco bustin’ time. Ms. Blaine has me eager to see what the next book is about in the Forever series and I am hoping I won’t have to wait too long to find out.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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