Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SAVAGE NATURE by Christine Feehan

Leopard People Book 5
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date published: April 2011
ISBN: 978-0515149333
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via Publisher

In paranormal romance writer Christine Feehan’s fifth Leopard People book, SAVAGE NATURE, readers are taken on a journey of mystery, love and mystic powers.

Saria Boudreaux found out as a child that her brothers were Leopard shifters by accident one night in the Louisiana bayou. She never told a soul. Saria has grown up and still lives in the same home with her brothers, who pay her little attention when they are around. When she finds a dead body in the bayou that appears to have been attacked by a big cat, and then is attacked by what appears to be a leopard, Saria fears her brothers could be involved, and again tells no one. But when another victim shows up, Saria sends a letter for help. Leopard shifter Drake Donovan is sent by the land owner to investigate and much to his surprise, Drake discovers that Saria is not only his guide through the bayou but his mate. Saria is torn between protecting her family and finding out the truth. But no one is more surprised than Saria with what they discover.

Christine Feehan once again mesmerizes readers with her vivid imagery and storytelling skills with her fifth Leopard book, SAVAGE NATURE, a tale of shapeshifting leopards set in the Louisiana bayou. The heroine of the story, Saria, is extremely na├»ve and sheltered, having never left her home in the bayou. She loves her life there and is content to stay there taking pictures of birds and doing guide work to pay the bills. The hero, Drake, has traveled the world protecting his species from each other and outsiders wanting to destroy them. He isn’t looking for a mate when he arrives in Louisiana to investigate the killings, but when he recognizes that Saria is meant to be his, he takes gaining her trust very seriously and that means letting her in on a few secrets that her family should have mentioned some time ago.

SAVAGE NATURE is fast paced and exciting. The backdrop of the Louisiana bayou adds an element of mystery. The growing love between Saria and Drake slowly comes to life as they search for clues. And the secrets they unearth just seem to keep coming. If you haven’t read one of Ms. Feehan’s fascinating Leopard stories yet, SAVAGE NATURE might just be the one to sink your teeth into.

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