Friday, July 29, 2011


Publisher: Avon
Date published: January 2011
ISBN: 978 0062021274
Mass Market Paperback
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Pam
Obtained via publisher

Linnet Berry Thynne is so lovely that a prince was brought to his knees by her flirting, as were most of the other young men she’d met. It didn’t stop the Ton from presuming the worst and ostracizing her when the prince walked away to join his friends in a ballroom.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, is known for his bad temper and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. His reputation has put most women off, added to the rumor that he’s unable to please any woman.

The Earl finds Linnet is tougher than she looks and actually has a brain she’s not afraid to use. If he has his wicked way with her, will it make them whole again or break two hearts.

WHEN BEAUTY TAMED THE BEAST was a tale this reviewer really enjoyed. The main characters fought the inevitable battle of wits, while trying hard not to fall in love. When Piers’ cousin, Sebastion, turns up with Lady Bernaise, Piers mother, she had not expected her former husband at her son’s house.

Linnet finds herself in an interesting situation, especially when she befriends a young patient and a scruffy dog. Along with the rest of the characters, which included three doctors, the household staff, a nurse and an assortment of Piers’ patients, the story becomes very intriguing.

If you like tales of a different kind this is a fun one, with some poignant moments and interesting love scenes. The ending is a little different from the average too with an insight into how many ways love can sneak up on folk, unsuspectingly.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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