Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A Cricket Creek Novel
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Date: March 2011
ISBN: 978 0451232762
Mass Market Paperback
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Pam
Obtained by Publisher

Noah Falcon has come back to his hometown Cricket Creek Kentucky, to hone his acting skills and play the lead in a play written by a local girl, Madison Robinson, and to hopefully make the play a hit. It seems everyone is pleased to see him, but Olivia Lawson, who is to be the other lead character.

Olivia remembers how she had a crush on Noah, as he was the best looking boy in town, plus the top athlete while she was a total nerd. Olivia was also the only girl who didn’t have a date for the Prom and she’d never forgotten.

Noah works hard to make things happen in town, as many of the business’ are closing as there is a lack of tourists.

Olivia is now a teacher at the school and Noah appreciates her, plus notices her, despite the prim and proper fa├žade she faces the world with.

This small town tale is full of humor and the unexpected, making it an unusually interesting story with many twists and turns. The characters are well written and the nosy towns-folk add a lot of fun to the tale. As romances begin to bloom another layer is added to the story, plus some suspicion.

PLAYING FOR KEEPS is an interesting tale with some well written sex scenes and plenty of romance beginning to blossom. Ms. McLane has written a delightful and intriguing small town tale, set in a place where almost everyone knows your business. The background baseball matches will satisfy the sporty folk while, Madison’s play will be the highlight of the season for those who like the other side of entertainment. I really enjoyed this book it was a page turner for me, one I stayed up late to keep on reading. There are also many ups and downs in this tale, as with so many interfering neighbors it was inevitable. The romances were delightful and the cakes, cookies and other delectables described made my mouth water, so take a chance and delve between the pages.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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