Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Publisher: Carina Press
Date published: December 2011
ISBN: 9781426892912
Reviewed by Angie
Review Copy Provided by Publisher

When the entertainment cancels at a company Christmas party, Peppa Grant knows she cannot disappoint the kids and finds herself dressed as a fairy, singing and dancing. After her act however she knows she must come clean to the CEO of the company and admit, it was her who damaged his car while trying to avoid hitting a cat in the parking lot. CEO Cameron McCormac is not in the slightest phased, knowing his insurance will cover the damage but sees the opportunity to get to know the sexy entertainer and to avoid the matchmaking by his family. When he invites Peppa to repay her debt over his car by being his date to a family Christmas gathering, she sees no other choice. What turns out to be a few hours, turns into a hot night. The incredible one night stand however, stays on both of their minds until one day when Cameron finds out the sexy elf is not truly an entertainer, but is an employee, in his company.

The best description of ONE PERFECT NIGHT falls between, hot, hot hot and truly ONE PERFECT NIGHT. The title does say it all - when one night of passion gets under both the hero and heroines skin, neither can walk away although they each have their reasons for not getting involved. Being her boss, Peppa just knows she cannot get involved, having one failed relationship with a co-worker under her belt is bad enough, but the boss? And then there is Cameron who has night terrors that he thinks, no woman should ever have to deal with… Their pasts come together to create one tangled mess, while they try hard to get away from the attraction, true chemistry is hard to find.

Rachel Johns and Carina Press have truly created an amazing tale, great for a beach read! This is a tale to be savored, yet each page will sizzle keeping you turning them long into the night. This reader was completely caught up with the cast of characters. Cameron and Peppa are amazing, but his family and her ex turn into characters that give the novel a depth that will have readers laughing right along with the plot. Laugh out loud funny is a great description of the scenes in which Peppa finds herself dressed as a fairy creating memories for the children. It is no wonder Cameron can't stay away, who wouldn't love a beautiful, sexy woman in a short skirt, carrying fairy dust?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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