Monday, January 2, 2012

PURPLE PASSION by Sindra van Yssel

Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Date published: March 2011
ISBN: 9781607379690
BDSM erotica
Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained via publisher

Lisa Martinez is trying to be cordial to her ex-husband. When he insists that he has connections that may help Lisa to open a salon herself she agrees to meet him and his friends for lunch. Lisa has never really thought of opening a salon for herself, of course it has been a passing thought but she is more than happy at the job she is at. A mix up at the restaurant has Lisa meeting some very interesting people that change her life. Especially a man named Darren. A Dom known for playing the field but it seems he may have just been waiting for the right sub to come along and Lisa could be that sub.

Darren is a great guy. I loved the way he brings Lisa into the lifestyle and even begins to teach her. He may tell himself he is only there to show her what it means to live the lifestyle but the feelings he has for Lisa are evident right from the start. Watching Lisa and Darren’s relationship blossom was a great read. The attraction between the two is there from the start and turns into something deeper as the story goes on. Lisa and Darren make a cute couple. They are highly attracted to each other not only physically but mentally as well. It is a nice thing to see.

Not only do these two make an impression but some of the secondary characters make one as well. It was nice to meat some of the other characters come to life and see everyone’s interactions. I have to say that I did not care for Adriana and her exploits. I think that the reaction that Lisa had to Adriana’s trick was a little on the tame side and Adriana’s actions at the end were a little too hard for me to accept after all that was said and done. She was not a nice person to begin with so it was hard for me to see her actions as truth.

The author does a great job of bringing these characters and their world to life. I enjoyed this story and hope to see more from this author in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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