Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Love Means Series Book 7
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: December 23, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-611372-255-8
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Robert Edward Hawkins or ‘Arie’ to his friends has been through a harrowing experience, losing his sister and her family in a freak plane crash, leaving Arie and his parents lost, alone and drifting. Now four months later, his parents decide that since Robert is the last of their line, he needs to marry and continue the family name; which is quite hard to do for Arie since he is gay and refuses to put any woman or child through that just to settle his parents down, even if it is the grief talking at the moment. Visiting his friend Robbie on the farm seems like a logical thing to do, to escape from the grief and loneliness that pervades his family at the moment. Once there, Arie finds himself relaxing and enjoying himself, maybe even falling for local police officer, Officer Duane Keenan or as Arie calls him, ‘Officer Hunky’. But with both of their families pushing them in opposite directions, can Duane and Robert find a way to be together even as they are torn over their loyalty to their families?

Andrew Grey delivers an emotional story of families, love, loss and forgiveness in LOVE MEANS…FAMILY, his latest Love Means story. I adore this series. The characters are well rounded individuals, who have vulnerabilities, lots of love to give and the same issues we all deal with in everyday life. The writing was tight, story flowed nicely and the sex scenes were very well written which enhanced the growing closeness between Robert and Duane. Andrew Grey has a way about his writing that you always feel like you are coming home from being away a long time. There is a sense of family within the characters in each of the Love Means stories and that in itself was the one key thing that makes this series so delightful. The reader gets that glimpse into a family that encompasses not just blood relatives but friends as well. The deep connection that is felt between the characters is magical and makes me yearn to visit this fictional farm just to experience it for myself.

Andrew Grey has a rare gift in creating emotional, character rich stories that steal the heart of his readers far and wide. In LOVE MEANS…FAMILY, we get to see how the beloved characters are doing after the ending of Love Means…Healing. This time, a new addition is in the mix, Robbie’s best friend stays a spell and finally Officer Hunky…or Officer Kennan, finally gets his own Love Means…story, which thrilled me to the soul. You will laugh, sniffle and smile throughout the book as well as wonder if a sub-plot that threads its way through this latest story will end up with a happy ending or not.

LOVE MEANS…FAMILY will thrill you till the very end. I enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait to see if this author will continue with one more beloved farm story. If you are looking for a sweet, emotional story that will heat you up on a cold winter’s day, and then grab LOVE MEANS…FAMILY and settle in for a few hours of reading pleasure. Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors and I am eager to see what else he has in store for his readers in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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