Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BEAR IT ALL by Deanna Wadsworth

A 1 Night Stand Story
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date published: August 1st, 2011
ISBN 9781613330111
Contemporary, M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by gift

Travis wants a hot, older bear of a man-hairy and tall-as his reward for all his studying for the bar exam. Turning to 1NS dating service, he is paired with John, the perfect bear in Travis’s mind. Except John is looking for a replacement of his dead lover, someone closer to his age and not a young man like Travis but things have a way of working out as both men find that this misunderstanding is the only thing standing in their way to utter happiness.

This was my first 1NS story and the first story by Deanna Wadsworth. This was a short 50 pages or so and the story is a fast paced ride from start to finish. The author does a wonderful job in creating two characters that need one another yet are just afraid to reach for it. This author does an amazing job giving us believable and adorable characters in John and Travis. They were very life-like and had the same hang ups we all do. The writing was tight, story moved quickly and the sex was smoking hot but had an underlying tenderness you normally don’t see in such stories.

Meet Travis. He is treating himself to a small vacation with a bear of a man. One he applied and paid for through the 1NS dating service. He is twenty-five, slim but knows what he wants. John fits his dream man & Travis is eager to get to know him but when John rejects him right after meeting him, Travis is crushed and hurt wars with anger. Can Travis find a way to let John know that they were meant to be? I adore Travis. He is a twink who knows what he wants and he wants a big bear of an older man. Madam Eve delivers John, an older man trying to go on to living again after the death of his lover. These two had that instant connection that you felt the minute their eyes met & the author does a great job in creating the angst in the story to keep you enthralled till the end. Will they resolve their misunderstanding or will it tear them apart?

BEAR IT ALL delivers a fun, sexy tale of a younger man/older man that fall in love in the lush background of Grand Turks Islands. The scenery alone had me wishing I could be there as well. Deanna Wadsworth delivers a very well told story of two different people finding that falling in love means opening your heart to new experiences and to new people. BEAR IT ALL is a perfect afternoon story if you enjoy exotic locales, smoldering sexual tension and a romance that leaves you breathless. I can’t wait to read more from this author in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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