Friday, March 16, 2012


In Death Series, Book 34
Publisher: G. P. Putnam
Date published: February 21st, 2012
ISBN 9780399158308
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Dawn
ARC Obtained by Publisher

For NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas meeting the actors who are playing herself, Roarke and her friends was a little spooky if not just plain weird at the party for the movie The Icove Agenda, a movie based on one of her cases. She is having a relative good time; unless you count the actress playing Peabody in the movie is dead on the roof of the director’s place. Now Eve has her hands full as she tries to figure out what happened and who killed K. T. Harris, a woman who was disliked by everyone she worked and met with. Now Eve is racing against the clock as the murderer prepares to strike again. Will Eve be able to find the killer and solve the case before another person dies?

J. D. Robb is a masterful storyteller who knows how to make readers beg for more whenever an In Death story comes out. I adore this series. The characters are well written & grow with each book and each book delivers her trademark writing style that readers have grown to love since NAKED IN DEATH, the very first book of the series.

In this latest In Death book, we find Eve, her husband, Roarke and friends at a celebrity party as the Icove Case that was a bestselling book is being made into a major motion picture. Eve is still her wonderful self, hates the social aspects of her life with Roarke and is still trying to come to grips with what went on in Dallas four months earlier. Ms. Robb delivers a spine tingling story that has Eve and Peabody along with her friends racing to stop a killer-one who has killed before without detection. I love Eve, Roarke and all the characters in this series. They continue to amaze me with their growth in each book and the connections Eve has with them all-friendship, love, etc-is beautifully written. Ms. Robb lets her characters shine-warts and all-in her books and in this latest release is no exception. The secondary characters are enjoyable as well and you find yourself trying to figure out the killer alongside Eve.

CELEBRITY IN DEATH is a pulse pounding ride from start to finish and the revealing of who the killer was surprised me, which is always a good thing when I read a thriller like this one. JD Robb is one of those authors I always need to get because her stories are so much more than a case to solve. They are about relationships between the characters and the way they react to one another. The stories in this series always leave you breathless and eager for more. I cannot wait to see what else this author has in store for Eve, Roarke and her readers next. I highly recommend the entire In Death series and found the latest book to be pure gold. Run-don’t walk-to grab this latest in a series that is as addicting as really good Belgian chocolate.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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