Thursday, March 8, 2012

GOING TO THE DOGS by Elle Druskin

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Date Published: February 2012
ISBN 9781927361849
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Angie
Obtained via Publisher

Sam Kendall’s partner was killed during a criminal investigation just three weeks ago, but he feels the need to return to duty as a detective, to solve her murder. When he finds out he is getting a new partner immediately he is not pleased, but when the captain brings in a full sized white poodle named Vanilla he knows his life is about to take a nose dive.

Jodie McBride owns a grooming saloon for dogs, The Whole Kit and Capoodle and has mastered the art of training dogs for competition. Her life is pleasant other than an unreliable assistant, who never opens the office on time. When she arrives to find out her assistant has eloped, her day begins to go downhill, and when Sam finds himself busting in on her during a breeding session, they both begin to wonder just what karma has dealt them.

Sam and Jodie are explosive from the first meeting. Sexual tension oozes between them even as they battle common sense that says each is not what they seem. Sam thinks Jodie is involved in the murder of his partner, Jodie think Sam is trying to rape, murder or worse… As they manage to calm down and begin a working relationship the blunders each makes in order to find out the truth give this cute novel a twist and turn philosophy that will leave readers breathless with laughter.

Elle Druskin is a talented author who knows how to lead her main characters into chaos and back out the same way without missing a beat. Her fast paced novel never slows down long enough for the reader to catch her breath, much less the characters to get boring. Each is multi dimensional with flaws and yet so endearing, even the flaws become flawless. She gives us a secondary cast of characters that flow well, there are enough that they do not intrude into the main storyline, yet not so many that you are left wondering who did what and why.

Ms. Druskin will be an author to watch for – she has new series debuting in 2012 and I will be waiting.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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