Thursday, April 19, 2012

DRAGON HUNTS by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Date published: March 2012
ISBN 9780857159199
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher.

Jessica and her eight-year-old son, Bobby, are on the run from her abusive, mafioso ex-boyfriend. Thanks to some fake ID she has found herself a great job. The only problem is that her younger-than-her boss, Declan, is entranced with her and won’t stop flirting. He doesn’t know about her messy past, and she doesn’t know he’s actually a dragon. Well, not until things start going wrong.

I really enjoyed this book. The chemistry between Jessica and Declan is explosive, even though she’s trying to restrain herself. Her little insecurities and worries add greatly to her character, as does his confidence and self assurance, especially when she acts out of left field and surprises him. Bobby is also well drawn and engaging and there’s great potential for spin off books with a couple of other minor characters. In fact, I really hope Ms. Lee pens stories for both of Declan’s brothers.

The sex scenes are inventive and well written with both emotion and description. Ms. Lee has written more than just hot sex and great characters though. There are a few moments of gut-wrenching worry and a couple of brilliant laugh-out-loud lines as well. The scenery and ambience of the trip is also really well written and comes alive off the page. The reader can truly see what Jessica sees and almost feels like she is there too.

This is a very well edited book, with almost nothing to annoy, even such a picky person as myself.

All in all a great story. Well done Ms. Lee.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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