Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Publisher: Musa Publishing
Date published: August 2011
ISBN 9781619370234
Regency Historical
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher

Robert, Marquis of Denley, heir to the dukedom of Devonshire, has gambled away his enormous fortune, fought one (or more) duels, and earned a reputation as a social pariah. No society Mama will consider him as a husband for her daughter despite his title. Robert's uncle forces him to rusticate in Yorkshire for the purpose of putting his estate in order, avoiding financial ruin, and marrying him to the squire's daughter, thereby permanently removing him from Society.

But Miss Mary Fanley considers society pretensions absurd, has no interest in the marquis, and has a sharp wit besides. Not to mention her younger brother and his interests.

I was thrown right out of this book on the first page when the POV changed halfway down the page with no warning. As I kept reading I realized the author was simply following Jane Austen’s lead and writing in omniscient POV but it didn’t seem like it at first and caught me unaware.

I also found the title, both the hero’s and the book’s, highly unsuitable, even offensive, as Devonshire has been a dukedom since 1694 (and still is) and the family’s ancestry dates back to the 1300s. There are most definitely parts of this story the real family may not appreciate. It would have been much better had the author chosen another title for her hero.

There was some misplaced punctuation the copy editor should have fixed, and one annoying historical inaccuracy. American sayings and traditions did NOT exist in Regency England.

However, having said all that, once I settled into the book it is a lively, entertaining tale, and watching the hero and heroine grow and develop was fun. I liked the secondary characters too, and there were several really good lines that will stay with me.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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