Thursday, May 17, 2012


Date published 2012
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via author.

Camri Burns, an ambitious real estate agent, continually finds herself at odds with her sexy co-worker, Jackson Pratt, who somehow always manages to take credit for her hard work. Disgusted with herself for her overwhelming attraction to the man, Camri often finds herself verbally sparring with Jackson despite her efforts to avoid him, while his buddies in the office look on in amusement, although it is usually Jackson who instigates things.

When Camri suddenly finds herself coerced into signing a contract partnering her with Jackson for some new real estate venture with The Ark Hotel, little does she realize what she is getting herself into. When she discovers she has unwittingly involved herself in challenging and unique sexual encounters with complete strangers, she shocks Jackson by holding herself to her contract, much to his surprise and dismay.

As Camri resigns herself to the challenges put to her, she soon learns that Jackson is unwilling to share her with another, as she had expected, and that he may have something even more shocking in store for her. Something that will tantalize her and keep her satisfied in more ways than one.

THE ARK HOTEL: UNDER BONDED CONTRACT is a well-written, pleasurable romp through the contemporary real estate world.

Camri is ever the spunky, assertive, gorgeous heroine one would expect in a novel of this caliber. And Jackson is the arrogant hunk the reader would expect as the hero. Both characters are an incredibly fun duo, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them.

While the scenes are incredibly spicy and quickly heat things up in THE ARK HOTEL: UNDER BONDED CONTRACT, there is a great plot as well. The conflict between Jackson and Camri is understandable and believable, and it doesn’t take long to relate to their situation. Any normal human being would be similarly upset as Camri was at having been burned by Jackson in the past, taking credit for her work. The fact that Jackson tried setting up his former flame again in an almost shocking way, will make any reader empathize with Camri’s plight.

The admirable way she overcomes her situation brings a smirk of satisfaction to the reader as Camri makes every effort to fulfill her contract obligations as well as get even with Jackson for his earlier behaviors toward her.

The characters in THE ARK HOTEL: UNDER BONDED CONTRACT are strong and believable. The story moves fast and keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next, and the happy ending is done tastefully well and makes the reader feel good.

For a fast read and a strong story, THE ARK HOTEL: UNDER BONDED CONTRACT is a definite summer read. So pull out the loungers and kick back with some iced tea or lemonade. THE ARK HOTEL: UNDER BONDED CONTRACT is guaranteed to heat things up for you...and in a very pleasant way.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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