Friday, May 18, 2012

HOPE by William Neale

A Home Series Novel, Book 4
Publisher: MLR Press
Date published: April 27th, 2012
ISBN 9781608206292
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Spencer Hawkins was dumped by his ‘in the closet’ boyfriend and is jobless; he has no idea what to do. Until the job he is hoping for lands in his lap. Moving to a new city gives him hope that he can get his life on track again. Meeting Hunter Harrison and his son, Ethan has him eager to see if the sparks that fly between Hunter and Spencer can be fanned into something more while he finds he is growing to adore Ethan. But life isn’t all about roses and flowers. Hunter’s son is deathly ill and Spencer will need to be patient if he wants Hunter in his life. Can two people find that the love they need and want is right there in front of them…all they need to do is trust their heart?

HOPE is the first book I have read from this author and I have got to admit, I have never read a more honest, well written story that literally leaves you speechless when you flip that last page. His characters fairly brim with life and literally step off the pages and into your life with ease. I could see them firmly in my mind and that is a gift few authors have, in my opinion. To create such wonderful and memorable characters who leave an impression on the reader. Why it’s absolutely remarkable to see and to read. His writing was tight, the story flowed smoothly and even though it took me a bit to see who were the main players were, after the first few pages, I was lost in the pages of HOPE, surfacing when the last page was turned over. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I cheered. I ran the gauntlet of emotions with this story even as I tried to keep the grief of losing this wonderful author at the background.

William Neale’s HOPE delivers more than a story of boy who has a broken heart, finds new love and lives happily ever after. Life isn’t all that rosy-it has ups and downs, good times and bad and the theme throughout this entire story was just that-hope. It was central to the story of Spencer and Hunter’s main story, in several of the sub-plots that threaded their way through the pages and left me feeling like life was just a bit brighter afterwards.

That is the art of reading a William Neale story I think. This author’s utter honesty in his characters, in showing the reader life’s messiness amid the romance and finding the balance between that-that is what makes Mr. Neale’s books so enjoyable and quite relatable. Will I pick up more of this author’s work? You bet I will and find a way to get them on my print shelf as well.

HOPE is a story that is more of finding, losing and finding yet again your heart’s desires. It’s about finding hope in a world when darkness seems to crowd you in, when life may seem so dark…there is light out there to brighten your way home. HOPE is more than a simple romance story…it is literally about the hope you can have for a new job, a new relationship, for life. My hat is tipped off to an author who knows how to convey that in his stories and I am now a fan for life of William Neale.

Thank you, Mr. Neale, for your final book full of hope, love and more.

This is an objective opinion and not an endorsement of the book.

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