Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Date published: April 2012
ISBN: unknown
ASIN: B007X09IU8
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher.

Oliver Pendragon had it all, but then his world fell apart. Known as “the Magician of Wall Street”, he was left bereft as the woman he loved walked away from him, then the company he’d spent his entire life building was destroyed by his business partner.

Abby Daltry watched her controlling father turn her mother into a mere shadow and decided that was never going to happen to her. She loves Oliver passionately, but he spends all his energy on his business. She left her father’s control, then Oliver’s, moving across the country and taking on a much lower paying job, but one she truly enjoyed.

Now Abby’s been told someone wants to kill her. Oliver’s determined to protect her. She’d rather look after herself.

This is an entertaining story with two very strong main characters, each determined to have things go their own way. It’s fascinating to watch Oliver and Abby’s actions and reactions to each other and to events. There’s plenty of chemistry and explosive action between them. Selena and some of the other minor characters are also excellently portrayed with multilayered personalities. I truly enjoyed some of the scenes in the shop, and also the one in the diner. Ms. Hall has built a great little world in that store and its stock, and by using the people that visit it.

The ending was moderately predictable, and there’s some annoying repetition and one recurring grammatical error, but overall this is a fun, sensual, rather than erotic, romance, well worth reading.

The cover wasn’t included in the review copy. When I looked at it on the website I understood why—it bears no obvious connection to the story at all.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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