Friday, May 25, 2012


Truth or Dare Series, Book 2
Publisher: Breathless Press
Date Published: June 6th, 2011
ISBN 9781926930572
Contemporary Gay Menage (M/M/M)
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Self-Purchase

Terry Blake has done what his older brother wanted. Went to school, got his MBA and work in the family business, Blake Productions but nothing, lately, has interested him…well until he spied his younger brother’s friends, Trick and Dex in the corner of Mischa’s yard making out. Now hot and bothered, Terry has a choice to make when he is dared to divulge his darkest fantasies, Terry finds the strength to give voice to what he needs and desire. Now the question is can Terry find the strength to go after what he wants-namely a relationship with Trick and Dex?

Lee Brazil has a unique story here in his Blake brothers’ series, Truth or Dare. Though it may not appeal to some people (i.e. twincest), the way this author writes Trick and Dex’s back-story, the reader gets to see the love they have for one another and the desire for a third to make their life complete. The story is funny, charming and smoking hot at times. Some pages had me fanning myself to cool down, it was that hot but the simmering sexual tension in the beginning between these three…well lets just say I was hoping my e-reader wouldn’t burst into flames. Lee Brazil is a talented author who knows how to create a story and let the characters voices shine through. This is the true talent of an author in my humble opinion when the author can show the reader those hidden depths of their characters and let the reader fall in love with them.

Meet Terry Blake. Six months ago, he thought he was straight-dating a hot actress and working at the family business, Blake Productions. But since then he has finally let himself see what was trying to get out-Terry liked men and seeing two hot sexy guys at Mischa’s party one day cemented it. For six months he dreamed, lusted and longed for those two twins yet was also hesitant in getting involved. Terry has to choose in finding the love he needs and desires with the twins or walking away from the two people who can complete him. I got to hand it to Mr. Brazil, I normally do not read twincest stories but this one charmed me since I met the twins, Trick and Dex, in Keeping House (book 1), of the series. I was thrilled to learn more about them and enjoyed them very much. I felt empathy over their fear of rejection and hoped Terry would help these two find the love they longed for. The secondary characters helped move the story along nicely and I loved the ending though it left many unanswered questions as well that I hope the author answers in future books.

TELLING THE TRUTH is more than a story of one man coming to grip with his sexuality but also of taking the chance of being with the people he knows complete him-heart, body and soul. Lee Brazil’s Truth or Dare series is a hit with this reader for he gives the brothers different personas that seem to mesh really well within the series. If you enjoy a heartfelt story with some seriously smoking hot scenes then you will enjoy TELLING THE TRUTH. I can’t wait to see what Blake brother is next and what this author has in store for them.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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