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SHADOWLANDER by Theresa Meyers

Shadow Sisters series, Book 1
Publisher: Entangled Publishing,
Date published: November 2011
Ebook ISBN 9781937044503
Print ISBN 9781467901208
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

The first book in Theresa Meyers’ Shadow Sisters series, SHADOWLANDER, is a fantastical story of sisters, fairies and the consequences of breaking the rules that can never be broken.

SHADOWLANDER is Cate O’Connell’s story. Cate is one of four sisters who have inherited the ability to see the Fae. Cate knows that acknowledging her ability could have dire consequences. She lives her life ignoring the Fae all around her until one of them abducts for friend and co-worker Maya. In order to get Maya back, Cate will break every rule her family holds resolute concerning the Fae.

Rook, heir to realm of the Shadow King, has been obsessed with and following Cate since she was sixteen, never realizing that she could see him the entire time. When Cate reveals her secret to Rook in order to enter the Fairy realm of Shadowlands and retrieve her abducted friend, Rook sees the opportunity to win favor in his court by gifting his father with a prized “Seer”. But time is running out for Cate and Rook may not be able to hand Cate over quite so easily.

Theresa Meyers did a wonderful job of setting up her Shadow Sisters series while telling Cate and Rook’s story in a novella of just over one hundred pages. Sure there are some holes in the storyline, but this reader expects them to be filled in future stories and wasn’t really all that bothered by them. Meyers’ story telling was just that entertaining.

Cate is headfast and stubborn. Once she sets her path, she intends to see it out. She has always been intrigued by Rook, so using him to gain entrance into the Fairy realm by seducing him seems like a logical solution to her problem. Rook is a born leader and very much part of the “sneaky” Fae. He too sees seduction as the answer to bringing a newly discovered and very much prized Seer back to the Shadowlands with him. These two characters are both in for a surprise when feelings grow between them that will have consequences on both their lives.

The Fae world building in SHADOWLANDER is detailed and vivid. The storyline speeds along and the characters leap from the pages. SHADOWLANDER is one book that readers will want to read in one sitting. It really is that engrossing.

On the downside, there were some plot holes that some readers may find disappointing to their overall story enjoyment. The friend that Cate risks everything for in order to bring her back from Fairy comes off as a user and a poor friend indeed, making it hard to believe Cate would so easily break the rules her family holds so sacrosanct for such a person. Second, Cate has no real plan to get Maya back other than to seduce the handsome Fae that has been following her around for years and hope for the best. It made Cate seem na├»ve and somewhat foolhardy. Lastly, Cate overhears Rook talking with another Fae about an upcoming invasion of earth. This serves to strengthen her reasons for going to Fae, to find out what is going on. Cate does manage to discover that the Fae is fighting a war between them, but once that has been settled, the Fae do indeed plan to overtake Cate’s world and gain back what they see as their rightful rule of earth and its peoples. Her reaction to that is to decide that Fae sex is really all that and her newly discovered love is more important than saving her planet. Okay, that last point was sort of a stumbling block for this reader too.

Still, Theresa Meyers does a marvelous job of telling the story and all the new things that Cate discovers in the Shadowland that this reader simply has to excuse the plot holes. Surely, Ms. Meyers plans to fill these holes in future books. Right? Readers intrigued with the Fae and the wonderful world of fantasy romance will be pleased to see Ms. Meyers’ Shadow Sisters series first book, SHADOWLANDER, available in both print and ebook. This reader eagerly awaits the next installment in this gripping series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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