Thursday, July 5, 2012


Publisher: Harper Collins
Date published: June 2011
ISBN 9780061735080
Paranormal, Romance, Vampire
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained Via Publisher

Meena Harper has a really cool job. Well it’s almost really cool. It will be as soon as she gets the head writer gig for Insatiable, the soap opera she writes for. She writes the dialogue for the lead actress, Victoria Worthington Stone and boy has she put Victoria through the mill over the years – plane crashes, torrid love affairs, terminal illnesses and a daughter named Taylor. Every time Victoria comes out of one scrape Meena has her plunged into another. Meena strives to be the best and given the fact that her co-worker Shoshona hardly ever shows up for work and can’t cobble together a coherent sentence Meena is fairly certain she’s going to get the head writer job.

Well, she doesn’t get it. Worse than that, Shoshona has a…brilliant…idea. At least Shoshona and her aunt and uncle who own Insatiable, think it’s brilliant. The main competition, Lust, has a vampire story line and the viewers are eating it up. Shoshona’s first task upon becoming head writer is to decide it’s time for Insatiable to get its own vampire. Not only that, she plans to hire the best friend of Lust’s vampire to star. Meena can hardly believe her ears. Certain things can’t get much worse, Meena plods on.

Lucien Antonescu has led a rather staid life as a professor of history in Romania. Sought after by his female students Lucien hasn’t met the right woman. They can’t seem to stay away from the handsome, enigmatic professor. When the family business draws him to New York she just may walk into his life.

Oh, did I mention Meena has a rather amazing gift? Yup, she does. She knows how people are going to die. Especially if their death is imminent. So why can’t she get a read on Lucien? And why is that hunky blond, Alaric so intent on killing Lucien?

INSATIABLE is my first Meg Cabot book. I saw the PRINCESS DIARIES movie and thought it was cute but haven’t read the books yet. Since I’m one of those people who always think the book is better, after reading INSATIABLE I’m thinking I really need to pick up the PRINCESS DIARIES and read them too. If the movie was cute, the book will naturally be cuter.

There is some fun byplay in INSATIABLE. It reminded me of some long running soap operas with a touch of George Hamilton’s LOVE AT FIRST BITE movie. The interactions between the characters are fun and realistic. The paranormal aspects are handled pretty well although Lucien’s shapeshifting scene towards the end kind of pulled me out of the story. It didn’t work for me.

Alaric Wulf definitely caught my attention along with his particular job. The name of his sword didn’t work well for me, but the character himself was intriguing. There was something sweet under his sometimes uncouth and totally dominant personality. Alaric wouldn’t be classified as an alpha male (Lucien definitely is) but he is definitely dominant.

INSATIABLE is a fun read and I already have OVERBITE, book 2, ready to read. Based on what I’ve seen so far I hope this is a series that continues for several more books.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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