Thursday, August 30, 2012

AFTERMATH by Ann Aguirre

A Sirantha Jax Novel, Book 5

Publisher: ACE

Date published: August 30th, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-441-02078-2

Science Fiction

Mass Market Paperback

Reviewed by Dawn (

Obtained by Publisher

Sirantha Jax can jump into the grimspace and she has been able to get in and out of hot water too many times to count. Now, though, her one action-good intentions or not-has cost her big time. For when she went against the flesh eating aliens, she did something that has cost her dearly. For not only has she destroyed interstellar travel but also cost the lives of over six hundred soldiers. Now on trial for high treason among other charges, Sirantha is facing not only being jailed but also losing her life. Is Sirantha Jax the woman who saved her home world or the one who destroyed it?

I love Ann Aguirre’s books but I haven’t read any of this series before. So AFTERMATH was a challenge, considering it is the fifth book in the series but I plugged onward and fell in love with Sirantha Jax. She is a heroine that is gutsy, fearless and absolutely determined to do the right thing even if it costs her dearly. AFTERMATH is a story about the costs of one’s actions-even if you felt it was the right thing to do at the time; your actions can cause serious consequences. Ann Aguirre delivers a story that is engaging, thrilling and very action-packed. I loved the way this author kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. This picks up right after the end of KILLBOX and the reader is enthralled till the very end. The writing was tight, storyline moved swiftly and the twists abound in this one, even till the very last page. I got to hand it to this author-she really knows how to create a character that is so enjoyable, entertaining and wonderful that the reader roots for them regardless of their actions.

Jax as Sirantha is called in the book is dealing with a ton of things. From guilt over the soldiers deaths to worrying about March who she has no idea is alive or dead and on top of all this, a trial that may have her life ended. What I love about this world of Jax’s is that it’s so wondrous. The world building alone leaves me speechless. Ms. Aguirre delivers some amazing characters in this series and I cannot pick my favorite one. I enjoyed them all-good, the bad and the oh so deliciously evil ones. Each character is so well written, showing the readers nuances of their personality we haven’t glimpsed before that for me, the fact that I enjoyed them all equally tells me of this author’s storytelling. These are flawed characters, who make bad decisions for the good of something; the consequences of those decisions are spelled out over time. This is a master storyteller at work and she does it brilliantly too.

AFTERMATH delivers one of those spellbinding stories that leave you gasping and eager for more. I am enthralled with this world of Jax’s and am eager to check out the entire series. Ann Aguirre is a premier storyteller and one I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a really great science fiction story with amazing characters and a world building that leaves you breathless. There is one more book in this series coming and I, for one, cannot wait to see what Sirantha Jax’s last showdown will be.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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